MOXIE is one of the only fully integrated solar installer in the nation. Our pier pounding, setting panels, wiring are all done in house.


Honesty, integrity and uncompromising quality has made us Best-In-Class for residential, commercial and agricultural solar projects.

Our industry leading professionals will guide you through the interconnection and permitting process. Finding every rebate, tax credit and SREC process to save you the most money.

The MOXIE Solar Experience Tour was designed to walk our customers through the typical solar installation process.


• Site assessment
• Project budgets
• Financing


• Panel layout
• Electrical design
• Structural design
• Performance analysis


Our team of NABCEP Certified Professionals and electrical & structural engineers will design your system for optimal performance. A project’s performance is crucial to the securing of state level SRECs in Illinois as well as its return on investment. Ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services guarantee that the initial performance projections are reached year after year.


• Permitting
• Interconnection/Netmetering 
• Environmental services
• Project scheduling


• Project management
• Site development
• Foundation and racking installation
• Module installation
• DC and AC wiring installation
• Data Aquisition systems


At MOXIE, we are serious about the safety and quality of our work. Our dedicated project managers provide the attention to detail required to ensure that your solar installation is delivered on time and on budget. Our professional, qualified team of engineers and installation team are capable of designing and building the most demanding projects anywhere in the country. We pride ourselves in offering the best, most cost effective, single source, turnkey solutions and adding value to every project.



• System Testing
• Startup
• Operation Verification
• Documentation


We’ll work with you to create a system that is affordable, sustainable and renewable. MOXIE has a dedicated system monitoring department. Local maintenance and repair professionals that are available 24/7.

"Moxie Solar was a pleasure to deal with! My house install was finished ahead of time and it looks great. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The owner, installers, engineering and office staff were all very friendly. I would highly recommend Moxie Solar!"
Moxie Solar Turnkey Installation
Patrick Hughes


Go green while you save some green!

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Bring peace of mind to your family and others

Taking care of the family means preparing for what could happen next. Even if everything goes wrong, the sun will come out tomorrow.
Be Prepared.

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