Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Rebates, & Net Metering!


Delaware Solar Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits

Delaware offers some enticing reasons to install a solar energy system for your home or business. Net metering, sales/property tax exemptions, and solar easement laws can offset the cost of installing solar in Delaware.

Find up-to-date information on Delaware solar incentives and clean energy tax credits at the DSIRE program page for Delaware. (DSIRE is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency®.)


Solar Easement Law

Net Metering

Tax Exemptions

Federal Tax Credit

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Delaware Solar

When you go solar in Delaware you can enjoy the benefits of some clean energy rebates. Over 150 megawatts (MW) of solar energy are installed in Delaware.

Delaware SRECs

On top of the Delaware solar laws currently in place, there is a great SREC program to cash in when you install solar in Delaware.

Learn more at the DSIRE page for Delaware SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).  

Delaware Solar Easement Laws

These laws help ensure your Delaware solar installation isn’t obstructed by shade that would limit the production of your solar panel system.

Delaware has a solar rights laws preventing home owner associations (HOA) from blocking your home solar panel installation.

The law, passed in 2009, prohibited private covenants (i.e., homeowner’s association rules) from restricting the use of roof or ground-mounted solar systems on privately owned residential dwellings. It was amended in 2019 and voided all prior covenants or restrictions regardless of the date.

Delaware Net Metering

Net metering in Delaware allows you to earn credit on your electric bill on days when your system produces more energy than you use. Use the solar credit to offset the days when your system produces less than what you need (can happen in wintertime some) and avoid paying the utility company one cent.

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is 26 percent for construction started before until Dec. 31, 2022.

Similar to other solar tax credits, with the ITC you can deduct 26% of the cost of your solar energy system from your federal taxes.

In 2023, the solar ITC drops to 22%.

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