Solar Array Installation Service

Tired of paying outrageous energy bills that fluctuate each month and result in higher base rates each year? There’s a better way to power your home while saving money and the environment. MOXIE is full-service solar!

With 1,500+ installations, 150+ awards, and exclusively 5-star reviews from our customers, MOXIE is in a class all our own. Stop renting your energy and become your own electric company!

Home Solar

Reap the rewards of renewable energy and add value to your house with your very own residential solar array.

Farm Solar

Join countless farmers who benefit from cutting their reliance on the utility companies and saving big.

Business Solar

You've worked hard to build your company. Now, you can finally standardize your energy costs with solar.

Battery Backup Installation

With a home energy storage system, your ability to consume and utilize clean energy from the sun is nearly limitless. A battery pack can store surplus solar energy during the day and use that energy later when the sun is not shining.

At night, your home draws from your battery system, powering your home with clean energy 24/7. It’s also a priceless item to have in case of power outages. 

Electric Vehicles & Chargers

Our mission at MOXIE is to provide the financial service and environmental benefits of solar power for farms, homes and businesses. We aim to extend that same excellence to electric vehicles. MOXIE hopes to educate people about the many benefits of going renewable and sell electric vehicles for the average American.

The cost to power an electric vehicle is less than a third of the cost of a standard combustion engine. That includes the cost of the electric for charging your vehicle at home! 

Get an instant ballpark solar estimate using satellites!