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MOXIE has been installing top quality home solar arrays in the USA for over a decade. Every residential solar array comes with a 25-year warranty and our 5-star guarantee. With 1000+ installations, 150+ awards, and exclusively 5-star reviews from our customers, MOXIE is in a class all our own!

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MOXIE is making it easier than ever for homeowners across the country to go solar. Whether it’s to cut energy costs, take advantage of solar incentives, create a sustainable energy source, or save the planet – the best time to get solar for your home is right now!


This beautiful home in North Liberty, IA has increased the value of their home AND cut their energy bill!


This gorgeous Round Rock, TX home produces enough energy to power itself year round!


This Chicago, IL home participates in the Illinois SREC program and gets paid for extra energy produced!


This Austin, TX home is looking great and uses a battery to provide energy 24 hours a day!

Get Truly Turnkey Home Solar Solutions from MOXIE.


Meet with a MOXIE expert to learn the most optimal solar setup for your home and every home solar incentive available.

3. Construction

Once approved, our in-house solar installers and electricians professionally setup your new home solar system.

2. Engineering

Our solar engineers then turn your evaluation into a technical plan set that will maximize your home's solar energy production.

4. Monitoring

We continually monitor your system for maximum benefit. You also get access to live energy production stats through a smartphone app.


Tired of paying outrageous energy bills that fluctuate each month and see higher and higher base rates each year? There’s a better way to power your home, all while saving money and the environment. Our goal is to help you decrease your energy bill by implementing Bill Swap, a program that will get your home solar system installed and running for a monthly payment that is less than what you currently pay. 

Complete our comprehensive home-energy Get Started form for a free, no obligation home solar assessment. You’ll receive information on the best residential solar panel system for your needs as well as the cost of installing solar in your home and all the possible rebates and tax incentives.

The Economics of Installing Home Solar:

Before Going Solar:

$ 0
avg. yearly cost of electricity
0 %
avg. annual energy rate increase
$ 0
saved/earned from incentives

After Going Solar:

$ 0 k+
avg. savings over liftetime
0 %
energy rate increases
$ 0 K
avg. increase in home value


No matter where in the United States you live, you’re likely eligible for a number of solar financing, tax credit, and rebate incentives. Federal Tax Incentives are available for all 50 states and state tax credits, rebates, and grants vary by location. 

First, a MOXIE sales representative will help you identify all the solar incentives that apply to your home solar install, then MOXIE’s team of in-house solar engineers will design a home solar system that precisely fits your energy consumption needs. While this is happening, our expert client services team takes all the pressure off you by handling all the communication with the utility company, permitting, applications for grants and rebates,  and all the paperwork required for going solar and saving big. Plus, they will keep you updated and in the loop as much or as little as you would like. 

Common Residential Solar Incentives:

Federal & State Tax Credits

Tax Exemptions

Cash Rebates

Renewable Energy Credits


The cost of installing solar for your home depends on a number of factors including which state the home is in, the size of the home and its roof, and how much energy is typically consumed by the household. Another factors in determining the cost of going solar is the type of hardware (panels, inverters, battery storage, etc.) that’s used for your home’s solar install. Some homeowners prefer the look of solar panels with all black framing, while others don’t mind having the aluminum metal frame look. At MOXIE we provide customers with the option of choosing from a number of trusted solar brands including Panasonic solar panels, Q Cell solar panels, SolarEdge Inverters, and Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage.

No matter the cost of your residential solar project, MOXIE connects you with exceptional banks and lending institutions that provide 100% solar financing for nearly any situation. Between zero down payment, low interest rates, and bill swap program, our goal is to set you up with a system that is right for your energy needs, but also affordable to install and one that will payoff for you financially in the long run. 

Example Cost of Home Solar Energy System:

System Size (in watts) x [cost per watt] = Solar System Price

e.g. 5,000 watts x $3.95 = $19,750


Whether it’s our Better Business Bureau Torch of Ethics Award, A+ BBB rating, or Top Solar Contractor of the Year Awards, we’re proud to be a top residential solar installer that doesn’t just talk the talk. Other solar companies may tell you they’re the most qualified to install solar for your home, only to put up an eye-sore of a solar panel system with crooked modules, stray wires, and overall inefficient design layout. At MOXIE, most new solar home install jobs come from the referrals of satisfied customers. They experience the dedication and craftsmanship our team of solar experts provide and then pass the satisfaction of headache-free home solar installation on to their friends and family.

When you make the decision to go solar, don’t sell yourself short. Go with a trusted solar installation company that has been in business for over a decade, installed over 1,000 solar systems, and always maintained its 5-star customer satisfaction guarantee. Go with MOXIE, America’s Solar Company.

moxie solar is a nabcep certified pv installation professional
moxie solar is a top solar contractor
bbb A plus rating for moxie solar
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panasonic solar certified installer


MOXIE is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. That means we can create and install a home solar system that includes a massive energy storage battery. This ensures your home always has a 24/7 supply of clean solar power and it also allows you to get the most our of your solar panels. The Powerwall battery pack stores surplus solar energy during the day and uses that energy later when the sun is not shining or when the power grid is down. With the innovative Tesla Powerwall, you’ll never be left without power again.


Imagine never spending money on a tank of gas again. Imagine using the constant supply of clean energy produced from your new home solar array to charge your vehicle each night,  before driving to work on 100% clean energy that your home produced the day before. It’s not some far-off fantasy, it’s a clean energy money-saving reality that MOXIE is already helping American’s across the country realize.

At MOXIE our roots are firmly planted in the sale and installation of solar panel systems, but when you add electric vehicles to the equation, it’s just another no-brainer way that we are able to save our customers money in the long-run – all while leading the change to a sustainable world.


Take our virtual tour to learn how we can help you on the journey to renewable energy and economic independence.



MOXIE takes pride in the quality of the interactions it provides to its clients at all stages of the relationship.



Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes. This study analyzes 22,822 PV home sales.


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