Each year the MOXIE philanthropy committee chooses a local foundation or charity to benefit. This year it's the Red Shamrock Foundation!



The Red Shamrock Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, organized to support patients and families who have been through cancer treatment.

Started in 2011, Red Shamrock Foundation raises awareness for the unique health care needs of post cancer patients, and works to support survivorship programs and post cancer research in Iowa. Red Shamrock Foundation is based in Iowa City, IA, but we consider ourselves an ‘all Iowa’ charity, as we hope to touch the lives of cancer survivors and their families across the state.

The mission of the Red Shamrock Foundation is to raise awareness of the unique health care needs of childhood cancer survivors, and to support survivorship programs and research. Helping childhood cancer survivors thrive through direct assistance, education, and inspiration.

Thanks to the early detection and increasingly effective treatment, more children than ever before are surviving cancer. However, when a child makes it through a cancer diagnosis to remission, their fight is not over. Because of the harsh protocols used to fight cancer, and because of the age at which they were treated, they still at risk for a whole host possible health issues, including secondary cancers. The Red Shamrock Foundation helps to raise awareness for what pediatric cancer survivors face after they’ve gone into remission, and with your support, provides resources for life-long cancer survivorship.

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The runners lining up for the big Red Shamrock Trail Race part of the No Coast Trail series.
Leah and Grandma take a leisurely stroll around the park during the Red Shamrock Trail Race.
Pretty sure Blair is lost...
Julian is trying his best. Go get 'em champ!
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Bring peace of mind to your family and others

Taking care of the family means preparing for what could happen next. Even if everything goes wrong, the sun will come out tomorrow.
Be Prepared.

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So by purchasing from MOXIE this week not only will you bring peace of mind to yourself, you will also bring peace of mind to others.