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MOXIE is one of the largest solar energy company in the United States. Honesty, integrity and uncompromising quality has made us Best-In-Class for large scale commercial projects.

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MOXIE’s in-house design, construction and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering, procurement and construction services.

Our industry leading professionals will guide you through the interconnection and permitting process. Finding every rebate, tax credit and SREC process to save you the most money.

Time is money

MOXIE is one of the largest solar energy company in the United States, with 10 locations to serve you! Our solar panels not only generate energy on your roof, they can also generate cash in your pocket. The savings over time add up and allow you to plan for your future. See how quality, affordability and savings make going solar the right choice.

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It’s difficult to predict future operating budgets with fluctuating utility costs and rate structures. MOXIE will help you lock in predictable electrical costs for decades to come, and gain a marketplace advantage with increased operating capital.

Our custom energy solutions can help zero out your electrical costs.

We start with a full assessment of your current energy usage. From there, we create a personalized energy plan that can incorporate solar, batteries, LED lighting and other advanced energy technology.


We are the premiere provider of large corporate and utility scale energy. From spoilage reduction to frequency regulation.


MOXIE has a dedicated system monitoring department. Local maintenance and repair professionals that are available 24/7.


Our professionals are experts at finding every option to save your business money. We work with you to find every rebate & tax credit.


Being the biggest means we purchase in bulk from manufacturers allowing us to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.


MOXIE’s marketing department can assist in integrating solar and the “green and sustainable” aspects of the project in our customers’ marketing.


MOXIE has a variety of methods, tools, guidances and programs that sup​port the application of sustainability within decision-making.

"Thank you Moxie Solar from Your friends at Quality Care Storage. We are lucky to have you guys in our neighborhood and couldn't be more pleased with your solar installation at the North Liberty location!"
Quality Care Storage

Bring peace of mind to your family and others

Taking care of the family means preparing for what could happen next. Even if everything goes wrong, the sun will come out tomorrow.
Be Prepared.

If you sign up to purchase solar from MOXIE this week, we will donate $500 to Meals on Wheels™ in your honor.

So by purchasing from MOXIE this week not only will you bring peace of mind to yourself, you will also bring peace of mind to others.