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Moxie Solar Denver is a proud Colorado solar power array installer.

Solar panels are more energy efficient now than ever before. Start tapping into the sun’s rays to power your property with complete homebusiness and farm solar panel services from Moxie Solar.

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Meet Alex Hoffman

Alex has a wealth of solar energy experience with over four years in the industry. He started as a Solar PV Installer with Moxie Solar in 2015 where he gained instrumental knowledge on how to build and construct solar energy systems. After working for Moxie Solar he moved to Denver, Colorado where he continued his work in the solar energy industry as a Project Manager. After a few years in Colorado, Alex has returned to his roots where he now serves as Market President for Moxie Solar of Denver. Alex holds a B.A. in Geography from The University of Iowa with a focus on Environmental Studies. He is very passionate about renewable energy and believes solar energy will be the predominate source of energy in the future. In his free time he enjoys sailing and was a member of the University of Iowa sailing club while in college. One of his goals is to sail on all of the Great Lakes.

Customer Testimonials

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"I had a great experience with Moxie! They did a large solar install for our commercial warehouse. Everything went incredibly smoothly and right on time."
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Nicholas Spohn

"All the people at Moxie Solar that I met with were very knowledgeable. They were responsive to any questions I had. Definitely a first class operation."

Austin Solar Power Moxie Solar Texas Energy
Thomas Hunt

"Moxie installed a beautiful array for us. They also guided us through the entire process and made sure that we had the correct paperwork at every step of the process!"

Elsie Spilman

Moxie Solar

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There has never been a better time to install solar in Colorado!

Limited-time incentives are at an all-time high while costs are at historical lows.

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