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Moxie Solar is a proud installer of commercial, residential and agricultural solar power arrays.

Moxie technicians are certified by NABCEP because we are committed to offering the highest standard of service.

Start tapping into the sun’s rays to power your property with solar panel services from Moxie Solar.


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We take pride in our work and our dedication to excellence prompted us to create our 5-Star Guarantee. This guarantee encompasses everything – from workmanship to monitoring, we are confident that we will meet that 5-star expectation.

After installation we will continue to monitor your system for you. Moxie is the only company in the United States that proactively monitors each system on a weekly basis. This means that you have an expert set of eyes watching your system, monitoring potential issues, while also maximizing production. Every system we install is covered by our 5-Star Guarantee and we are confident that we will earn your 5-star review. (Click here to read more!)

The Moxie Solar team takes pride in the quality of the interactions it provides to its clients at all stages of the relationship. Our staff is committed to offering the best customer service possible every day.

Moxie Solar has designed a client partnership program that breaks down a complex installation into three simple steps: Insight, Initiation, and Installation. This program helps clients to better understand the installation process and appreciate the solar value proposition. (Click here to read more!)

GET PAID FOR YOUR ENERGY WITH ILLINOIS SREC PROGRAMS! The Solar Renewable Energy Credit program was created to encourage renewable energy in Illinois.  (Click here to read more!)


Jared joined the Moxie Team after working as Director of External Operations for the Stanford University Men’s Basketball team. Jared’s business background and intricate knowledge of solar regulation make him uniquely qualified to serve the Chicago Market.

Jared makes sure our customers get every rebate, tax credit and SREC available. He will work with you from start to finish to make sure you are 100% satisfied!


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"The Moxie team has been very responsive to our questions as well as open to different ideas."
Don Kleyweg
Chicago, IL
"Great installers! I highly recommend them. I love my new solar system."
Dylan Jones
Chicago, IL
"Professional, reliable and responsive. Highly Recommended!"
John Richards
Chicago, IL