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CHICAGO Solar Energy Experts

We take pride in our work and our dedication to excellence prompted us to create our 5-Star Guarantee. This guarantee encompasses everything – from workmanship to monitoring, we are confident that we will meet your 5-star expectation.

MOXIE is also the only solar installation company in Chicago with a Rapid Installation Team. With real-time protocol, this expert team can help you install solar up to 3X faster than the national average!

After installation we will continue to monitor your system for you. Moxie is the only solar company in the Chicago area that proactively monitors each system on a weekly basis. This means that you have an expert set of eyes watching your system, monitoring potential issues, while also maximizing production.

meet jason hall

Jason is the founder of MOXIE and a lifelong lover of the outdoors. He has a passion for solar energy and became an expert at working with customers to get them the most optimized solar array for their home or business. 

Jason is committed to helping everyone realize the wonderful environmental and financial benefits of installing solar. Jason and the expert team at MOXIE will make sure you get every Illinois solar incentive available for your solar panel installation. Jason and our team of leading solar panel installers will be there for you to answer any questions and ensure you’re getting the highest production out of your new solar system array. There’s a reason why MOXIE is the leading solar installer in Illinois for residential solar jobs. Come discover the MOXIE difference today. 

Best Company Ranks MOXIE a Top 10 Solar Company in America!

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You Could Pay Less for Electricity in Chicago

Get a no-obligation solar quote based on your energy needs.

MOXIE is Your Premier Chicago Solar Panel Installation Company

Whether you’re interested in installing solar for your Chicagoland area home, business, or farm – MOXIE has the experience and equipment to quickly install solar panels, solar storage batteries, and complete solar systems better than any solar company in the Cook County Area.

Home Solar

Reap the rewards of renewable energy and add value to your house with your very own residential solar array.

Farm Solar

Join countless farmers who benefit from cutting their reliance on the utility companies and saving big.

Business Solar

You've worked hard to build your company. Now, you can finally standardize your energy costs with solar.

Why Install Solar In Illinois?

Eliminate or reduce rising energy bills

Increase sustainability

Protect Illinois environment

Avoid future energy rate increases

Tax incentives and cash solar rebates

Why Choose Moxie Solar?

BBB Torch Award for Ethics winner

GCM’s Best Solar Contractor Ranking

Exclusively 5-star customer reviews

Multiple offices to better serve you

Fully turnkey solar energy solutions

Free System Monitoring App

Competitive Pricing

3X Faster Installs



Get lightning fast solar panel system installation, without ever sacrificing quality, customer service, or attention to detail.


Our team of NABCEP Certified Professionals and electrical & solar engineers will design your system for optimal performance.


This guarantee encompasses everything – from workmanship to monitoring, we are confident that we will meet your 5-star expectation.


Our professionals guide you through the interconnection and permitting process. We find every solar incentive to save you the most money.


MOXIE has been installing the best solar arrays in the United States for over a decade. Every MOXIE array comes with a 25-year warranty and our 5-star guarantee. Join the countless Americans benefitting from our industry experience. We boast a proven record with more than 1,000 installations, 150 awards, and exclusively 5-star reviews.


Limited-time incentives are at an all-time high while costs are at historical lows. Get Started NOW before incentives disappear forever. After informing you of the available incentives we’ll walk you through the installation process. Our solar experts work hand-in-hand with you to create a system that is affordable, sustainable and renewable.

Grid-Tied Solar and Solar Inverter Education

At MOXIE, we’re all about educating first and selling second. No-pressure solar education from a leading Chicago solar installer might sound too good to be true, but we know that once folks understand the real financial benefits of residential and commercial solar energy, the panels will sell themselves. For example, did you know that Illinois averages 7.5 hours of sunshine per day? Not only does this mean you’ll have no problem keeping the lights on with you new solar array, but it will also pay for itself faster than you can say photovoltaic energy.

Average Cost of Going Solar in Chicago

The cost of installing solar in Chicago varies depending on the type of equipment used, the total solar system size, and the solar incentives you’re eligible for. It’s one of the safest investments you can make. You can also potentially make money off your solar panels with Illinois SRECs. In most cases, it will cost you more to NOT go solar in the long run. Learn more about calculating your cost of NOT going solar in Cook County.  Contact MOXIE today to get a customized solar quote that meets your unique energy needs. 

"Very prompt, helpful, and friendly communication. Timely installation (actually completed in a half-day). Very accessible to questions. Informative. Competitive pricing. helpful website to monitor panels. Excellent professionals to work with."


MOXIE is one of the largest solar installation companies in the country. We’ll work with you to create a complete solar system that is affordable, sustainable and dependable.