Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile SYSTEM

an aesthetically pleasing solarized concrete roof tile

The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof is a concrete roofing product that can be installed by easily and quickly by MOXIE. 

Each Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile is part of a larger solar power generation system. Many of the options throughout the system are yours to customize. As a homeowner, you can choose the amount of power you want and the types of inverters. Then add battery storage to your system to keeps the lights on during outages.

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Ergosun Solar Roof Tile keeps your homes original look intact

Standard Roof Design

The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile is the only solar roofing product that allows for chimneys, vents, and complex roof lines. It’s completely compatible with existing home designs. So there’s no need to redesign a home to clear the roof of obstacles.

Solar tiles are installed in exactly the same way as a regular concrete roof tile, so vents, chimneys, etc. are easily accommodated.

Before considering solar roof tiles ask yourself: If my roof good for solar?

Turnkey Solar Installation

The technology behind the Ergosun connection is proven and more reliable than anything else on the market. 

The solar “shingles” use a patented two-piece junction box, which makes installation simple and leverages trusted technology. 

The MC4 connector has been an electrical standard since the 1970s and in the solar industry standard since 2008. Because of this simple connection, the product can be installed by roofing contractors as opposed to requiring specialists.

solar shingle

Exquisite roofs for a solar-powered home

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Ergosun solar roof tiles product diagram

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles Product Info

The Ergosun Integrated Solar Roof Tile is the most economical integrated solution available today. Using standard building materials and the roofers already working on your home, Ergosun roofs allow you to take advantage of economies of scale.

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Dimensions                              11.73″ x 13.19″
Substrate                                  Concrete/Clay
Cells / module                          20
Tiles / square metre               10
Thickness                                 3mm

Per tile                                   10 V @ 1.5 A
Protection:                            Bypass Diode / Fused String

Temperature                         77 F (25
C)VOC (V)                              12 V
VMP (V)                                 10 V
ISC (A)                                   1.55 A
IMP (A)                                  1.45 A
PMP (W)                                15 W
EEF %                                     19.22
FF %                                       .7617
Current Temp                             
Coefficient % (C)                    .05%
Open Circuit Volt Temp                             
Coeffcient % (C)                     .35%
Output Temp                             
Coefficient % (C)                    .45%

Tiles in series                                    2 x MC4 connectors
System design voltage                    600 VDC Max

Batten spacing                                   13.39″
Battens required                                 No

CAN / CSA C22.2 No. 61730 – 1:11 (R2016)
CAN / CSA C22.2 No. 61730 – 1:21 (R2016)
IEC / EN 61730-1:2007 + A11:2014
IEC / EN 61730-1:2007 + A1:2014
IEC / EN 61215-1:2016
UL 1703 / UL 790
Annex A: Fire Test, Spread-of-flame and burning brand test
Safety Class A in accordance with UL 790

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