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A new kind of dealership

designed to make selecting your electrical vehicle as simple as possible

Have you ever gone to a traditional car dealership and asked them about electric vehicles? Their eyes glaze over, and they spend the rest of the time filling your head with outdated misinformation.

That was our experience as well.

At VERV we believe we have perfected the concept of “Educate First.” It means a lot to us that we de-mystify the Electric Vehicle discussion. We want to spend more time educating potential customers on an EV that’s right for them, rather than trying to “close the deal.” 

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A long history of green energy

Our mission at MOXIE is to provide the financial and environmental benefits of solar power for farms, homes and businesses. We aim to extend that same  excellence to electric vehicles. MOXIE hopes to educate people about the many benefits of going renewable and sell electric vehicles for the average American.

The cost to power an electric vehicle is less than a third of the cost of a standard combustion engine. That includes the cost of the electric for charging your vehicle at home! 

Battery EV’s need no oil changes, spark plugs, transmission flushes, etc. 


Level 2 installation requires running 240 volts from your breaker panel to your charging location. A “double-pole” circuit breaker needs to be attached to two 120 volt buses at once to double the circuit voltage to 240 volts, using a 4-strand cable. You may have to replace your breaker box entirely to have a compatible interface

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry!

MOXIE can install Level 2 chargers for you.


A Solar Battery means we can create and install a home solar system that includes a massive energy storage battery. This ensures your home always has a 24/7 supply of clean solar power and you to get the most out of your solar panels.

Electric Vehicles are JUST MORE FUN

EV’s generate more torque, moving the vehicle forward more quickly. The motor in an EV doesn’t need a transmission. So no need to route through a drivetrain, which saves time, allowing for instant acceleration. EV’s use regenerative braking, relying much less on friction brakes. Standard friction brakes experience brake fade, the reduction of stopping power that occurs after repeated application. When going down a long hill, heat builds up on the braking surfaces and causes temporary loss of braking power. You don’t have to worry about this with EV’s because the vehicle relies less on the friction brakes.


The number of moving parts in an electric engine is a tiny percentage compared to a standard combustion engine; meaning, far fewer maintenance requirements, far fewer things that go wrong. Saving you money, time, and hassle. Battery EV’s don’t need oil changes, spark plugs, transmission flushes, etc. The cost to power an electric vehicle is less than a third of the cost of a standard combustion engine. That includes the cost of the electric for charging your vehicle at home!


Electric vehicles have proven themselves to be just as safe or safer than traditional vehicles. Risk of auto fire is significantly decreased.  EV’s are powered by Lithium-ion batteries, which are far less flammable than gasoline.

In collision tests, EV’s have been shown to perform better than standard vehicles. Over all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that the likelihood of passenger injuries in crashes involving electric vehicles is lower!

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