The MOXIE team takes pride in the quality of the interactions it provides to its clients at all stages of the relationship. Our staff is committed to offering the best customer service every day.

Alyssa MooreQuality Care Storage

"Thank you Moxie Solar from Your friends at Quality Care Storage. We are lucky to have you guys in our neighborhood and couldn't be more pleased with your solar installation at the North Liberty location. We're happy to be a reference for you any time!"

Becky SoglinJohnson County Planning

"The project was both exciting and challenging, especially since it was the first time a Power Purchase Agreement was being used by a county in Iowa for a solar photovoltaic array. The arrays are meeting production expectations, and the online portal that Moxie provided helps educate the public about the value of solar energy."


"The entire Moxie team was easy to work with and always answered any questions we came up with which were many over the process. They spent time at each step of the process to make sure we knew what we were getting so once it came time to install and start producing our own power it went smooth."

"FANTASTIC customer service! I originally called another solar installation company, and after having them NEVER return my phone calls or set up an appointment to meet with me, I decided to give Moxie a call. I'm SO glad I did! Everyone at Moxie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We got our system installed and running, and love it. I feel like Moxie really cares about their customers. "

"Moxie installed a beautiful array for us. They installed the array quickly, in only two days. They also guided us through the entire process and made sure that we had the correct paperwork signed and filled out at every step of the process. We are very happy with our outcome."

Elsie SpilmanElsie SpilmanGoogle Review Link

"Getting solar on your property is a must because of all the positive environmental and social aspects. But it's even more of a must to do it with Moxie Solar because they believe in the product, treat their customers like people, and are there for you long after you write the check."

Robert DeckerRobert DeckerGoogle Review Link

"Moxie was wonderful to work with from the initial presentation, to answering all our questions, to the install and turn on of our system. They even help with the tricky tax rebate forms. You're investing a lot of hard earned money with this company; after our experience, I give them our full trust!!"

JOE & SANDY TAYLORGoogle Review Link

Moxie Solar Residential"One of the most professional companies we have ever used. Period! Moxie Solar completed a turn-key photovoltaic solar system on our home. They proposed a system, then designed it, installed it, activated it. All at the exact cost they quoted us up front. They handled all permits, interfaced with our electric provider (a smaller REC electric company), processed both federal and state tax incentives. Even more importantly, they answered every question we had (and as informed consumers, we had a lot of questions throughout the process) in a timely and very complete manner. All the steps in the installation process happened when they said it would happen. There were some unexpected problems; these are complicated projects. But the Moxie team solved every problem encountered and made sure, as homeowners, we understood what was going on and how soon the problem would be resolved. Most problems dealt with cable runs and wireless access for monitoring the output of the system. At conclusion, they even organize every page (75 pages in our case) of paperwork associated with the project in a web-based file that we can access if we ever have trouble locating our records.

Most importantly, the PV system is performing exactly as they said it would. Perhaps the best thing I can say about Moxie Solar is (and we're showing our age here) that they operate the way most small companies did 50 years ago: they did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, for the price they said they would do it, with the results they promised. THAT'S HOW YOU GROW A SMALL COMPANY!"

"Very helpful in working thru the process of getting permits and working with MidAmerican Energy, Metal Monsters metal roofing, Electrical inspections and connections, and working with getting Federal and state solar tax credits. It takes a while to get all the permits and inspections, and the state to issue solar tax credit, but it is well worth it. Hope to have many years of reduced electrical monthly bills ." 


Mike Otter

Working with Moxie and Jason was fantastic. Jason wasn't pushy about the sale, and once I settled on Moxie, I couldn't have asked for a more turnkey installation.

Deborah Wagner

Moxie Solar was able to fix the problem with our NEST thermostat. Their technician, Rob, arrived within an hour of our call. He diagnosed the problem immediately and had it fixed in less than 45 minutes. Rob was polite, professional and obviously very familiar with the workings of the NEST. I highly recommend Moxie Solar.

Rebecca Zaworski

Moxie Solar is a company run with honesty and integrity. My experience with Moxie far exceeded my expectations. When we ran into a snag with the interconnection application with the power company, Jason and his crew (Jenn, Kami & Tim) were there to help—making phone calls, filling out additional paperwork, etc. They also assisted with my REAP grant application (which was approved), as well as the tax credit applications. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this organization.

Patrick Hughes

Moxie Solar was a pleasure to deal with and a class act! My house install was finished ahead of time and it looks great. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The staff ranging from the owner, installers, engineering and office staff were all very friendly. I would highly recommend Moxie Solar.

Jean Marie Hall

I have been excited about my rooftop solar panels since the day they were installed in April 2013. It was fun to watch the energy amass on a hot summer day. But even more exciting was getting bills from the energy company that billed me ONLY a service charge since my account showed that the entire cost was covered by the solar power. This went on from April through December.
I never miss an opportunity to brag about solar.
Moxie Solar is very well organized and always puts customers first.

Braeden Jones

Moxie worked with our organization, the Antelope Lending Library, to install a solar panel and some wiring on our bookmobile. They were very professional and prompt with service, both with their initial installation and with occasional small issues afterwards. We would definitely work with them again and are saving up for a second solar panel to hopefully get us completely green!

Kyle Sherman

very professional, great help finding the right product for building

Dwight Schumm

We were very pleased with Moxie Solar's work. They used high quality materials and the workmanship was very good.

Marcia Thompson

Very professional... Great customer service. Jenn was so helpful with the mass of paperwork! Thanks!

McCall Monument

The whole Moxie team was great to work with. From the initial discussions and document work to the final install. We would highly recommend Moxie and solar energy.

Joe Sandve

Great job!

Jessica Walmsley

Where do we begin? From the first time Blair showed up, we knew this was something our company would be interested in. It took some convincing, but it was not hard to convince yourself, after you see the numbers in front of you. From behind the scenes, Jenn this project would have never been completed without you. The crew, ALL of you, your work is top notch and your professionalism is beyond outstanding

Ken Leo

Moxie is a very professional and knowledgeable organization. Our roof installation was a little tricky but they took the time to get it right. They filed all the paper work and make getting the job done easy. Their staff is very knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough. We would definitely use them again.

Tim Schroeder

Moxie Solar is very well-organized and walks you through the process - step-by-step. It was a pleasure working with them!

Mary Markwalter

Moxie Solar has been absolutely wonderful to the Mason City Public Library. Many thanks for their hard work on this project.

Florence Boos

Moxie Solar were very thorough and knowledgeable, and their technicians did a very thorough job. I would highly recommend them.

Blake Hendrickson

Great company, very helpful and knowledgable. Solar is something everyone should look into for home or business. Lots of big tax incentives right now.

Alex Hoffman

Moxie Solar is a amazing company to work for! I was a recent college graduate from The University of Iowa with a (BA) degree in Geography and focus in Environmental Studies before working for Moxie Solar. They gave me the opportunity to gain industry experience that I did not have previously by working in the field as a Solar PV Installer. After seven months of working for the company I was promoted to Warehouse Manager and gained knowledge in different areas of the business.

Michel Kopf

GREAT job very professional I would Highly Recommend Moxie Solar !!!

Rob D.

I engaged Moxie Solar to complete a sizable solar installation for our garage that i'd considered for a long time. They weren't the only company that I received proposals from but after doing a lot of due diligence and with the personal attention that I received from Jason and his staff, it was clear that they were going to take care of me.

Thomas Richardson

Moxie is the place to go for your solar needs. I would trust them. If you have questions ask for Julian.

Bob Pyle

These folks are awesome! My impression is that they are committed to deliver more than they promise. The whole process was easy and they did a quick and very professional job. Already thinking about adding on to our system.

Mike Todd

The quality of the work and follow through have been excellent. Making electricity now.

Nicholas Spohn

I had a great experience with Moxie! They did a large solar install for our commercial warehouse. Everything went incredibly smoothly and right on time. The team is top notch and the product has been amazing so far. I now own my own solar power plant! Pretty cool.

Norm Zeithamel

Very professional group of folks. Everyone was helpful from the owners to the onsite people. Thanks so much. I'm a month in and already ahead of my daily usage!

Amy Kilpatrick

Moxie Solar installed a solar array at our house in Cedar Rapids. We are super pleased with the results. Everyone from Moxie was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thanks and kudos to all of you!

Judy Shawver

Every single person at Moxie is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. This a very positive experience and I would recommend them highly

Stan Tate

Moxie is the best. I use their wifi system to keep track daily of our system, which is very convenient. We have already seen a substantial reduction in our electric bill, and it has been pretty cloudy. Thank you Moxie!

Terry McDonald

Moxie Solar delivered on every promise they made to make our solar transition easy and a very pleasant experience. Moxie's Solar panels are delivering off the charts electricity to help reduce our utility costs. Along with the rebates, our installation costs will be recaptured very quickly.

Jason Fuemmeler

Clear communication through every step of the process and the results were great. Highly recommend.

Todd VerHoef

Outstanding company to work with!

Lance Staker

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Moxie. They were fast, efficient and customer friendly from beginning to end. In short, they made everything easy. I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering solar!

Bently York

Very good company, work went smoothly and timely, would recommend.

Quest Long

Just received first month's bill from electric company. Love Moxie Solar!!!!

John Hall

Amazing group of people! Extremely knowledgeable, very reliable, and work hard for their clients. They handled everything from design to install to hook up, and hit every deadline along the way. Can't recommend them enough!

C DeSalvo

Moxie Solar did a great job. I appreciated the very quick responses to all questions and concerns even in the evenings and on weekends.

Matt Minahan

Great people doing great work...thanks for making the trip to W IA for our solar job, we love it.

Rocky Warren

I am happy with the job Moxie did.I love my solar panels

Brian S

I love making energy from the sun!!! Moxie was awesome. All I had to do was sign the check; they took care of the rest. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Lyndon Tice

The whole team at Moxie did a fantastic job. I have my system installed last September and have been thrilled with everything since. They have been quick to answer any questions I have had about how things work. Highly recommend to anyone looking for solar.

Glenda Newbanks

Our experience with Moxie was very favourable.


Excellent customer service and they install high quality solar panels. Our electric bills are down to the basic service charge of around $11 per month.

Don Kleyweg

We've worked with Moxie Solar on quite a few planning solar projects. The Moxie team has been very responsive to our questions as well as open to different ideas. They take a collaborative approach to providing innovative solutions for clientele that are looking at becoming a member of the solar energy community.

Peter Wallner

We recently had our solar panels planned, designed and installed by MOXIE Solar., Austin, Texas.
From the very start, Denny & Rich explained all aspects of having solar panels and helped us understand how many solar panels we would need to provide for our average yearly energy needs. They didn’t want us to buy any more panels than what we actually would need and absolutely no sales pressure. All our panels are American made.
The home office team was fantastic.


We bought a system from Moxie as part of the Linn County Solarize program. It's currently (pun intended) providing about half of our monthly demand which includes recharging a Chevy Volt. Our system is somewhat limited by lack of roof space and the orientation of our property but I feel like are getting as much as possible out of it There have been a couple of glitches but service has always been prompt....

John Richards

Professional, reliable and responsive. Highly Recommended!

Dylan Jones

Great installers! I highly recommend them. I love my new solar system.

A Google User

Moxie Solar is the Best!!

Aaron Favri

Very professional. Had a great experience for a first time solar person. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. I was working with another solar company which i had been waiting for over six months to install my panels, Moxie showed up gave me prices, and installed my solar panels in less than 3 months, and still haven't heard from the other solar company. I would definitely give them a call and a chance if your interested in solar power... Thanks again Moxie

Joe Gleissner

Amazing Company to work with! Very happy with my solar.

Jan Rinker

The repairman was prompt and professional! They did a great job. I would hire them again.

AMI Norris

Although we initially fell through the cracks when we contacted Moxie, when they learned of it, they went above and beyond to make up for it. They contacted me immediately and scheduled to meet us the very next day.
They seemed very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our questions. I am very glad we got the chance to meet with them!

Karlyn Larson

Excellent service. Kept us updated all along the process and very personable employees at every step.

Karen W

Really attentive and knowledgeable owner, crew, and support staff. Excellent communicators; great ethics and transparency with the customer. Moxie deals with all the utility company paperwork as well as the tax credit paperwork, making every aspect of the solar panel installation an extremely positive experience.

A Google User

I investigated multiple companies for my Solar installation and was most impressed with the pre-sales experience with Moxie Solar. Rich Tilden, my account representative, was very knowledgeable and very open and honest about everything involved in the project. He wasn't pushy at all and even recommended I investigate other companies. I could not be more pleased with the whole project and the results.

Ellen Link

Great communication. Moxie takes care of everything. Our solar panels are working very well.

Virginia Miller

We participated in the Solarize Johnson County group buy and it was very easy. They did all the work. They showed up when they said they would.

Richard Reiland

The Moxie Solar people were knowledgeable and pleasant to work with and did a good job of responding to various questions about technical issues relating to the solar array panels/modules and provided help and guidance completing necessary legal documents.

Scales Bend Road

Very Satisfied Customer
Moxie Solar completed a 20-panel, 6-kW solar installation at our house in North Liberty in September 2018.

Anonymous –

Great service from start to finish
From the original estimate, design meeting to the final walk through they were great to work with. Questions

Butch Mister

Go Moxie!
Outstanding installation, tech and administrative support. It was a painless pleasure across the board.

Anonymous –

From start to finish Moxie was very easy to deal with. The installation crew was outstanding. Their customer support has been excellent.

Kourtney T

Rich was incredibly knowledgeable and answered all of our questions throughly. From the date we signed the contract to the day the system was turned on was only 49 days (HOA approval took 30). The instillation crew did a fantastic job. They were reapectful of our home, neighbors, and animals the entire time. 100% satisfied and highly recommend.


The people help make this a great company. They go out of their way to be of help.

Anonymous –

7.59 Residential Electric Installation
Moxie made the design and installation process straightforward, understandable, and problem-free.

Becky Hays

Not only worked well with us but worked well with other agencies to get the job done.

Iowa City Customer

Moxie Solar was awesome. Every single step of the process was done well. Every staff we worked with was amazing and very responsive. I never write reviews for anything, but this one is well deserved. They were fantastic!..

Anonymous –

Solid Company
Entire process was professional and smooth.

Kari Bakeris

Fantastic Company to work with. We are very pleased with the whole process and every employee we had interaction with!

Trish Schiltz Welte

Every step of the process was smooth. Each staff we worked with was super responsive and professional. We love our solar array, and our experience with Moxie Solar was fantastic!


Moxie Solar was very good to work with. They first came to my house to look at the site, then got back to me with the planned installation. The costs were in line with the estimate. I have been pleased with everything from the installation to the cost savings. I always recommend them when discussing our panels..

Ed Williams

I received competitive bids from two other Iowa companies plus consulted with our accountant & attorney. So glad we chose Moxie Solar! Every contact with each department was positive. They made the entire process simple. Quality work & Quality people!

Phebe’s Farm

Above & Beyond...
In the 6 months process from hearing their proposal to solar installation "turn on", Moxie Solar exceeded expectations...


We are so pleased to be completed not only with our Solar Panels but also happy to have the shop almostfinished. ALL staff members whom we interacted with were personal, pleasant and able to answer all of our questions before, during and after the solar panel installation. 

Really awesome to have Moxie so close by and that is very comforting to know MOXIE is here to stay.... 

Sam Khabbaz

We recently had Moxie install solar panels on our business property. This was something we had been thinking about for some time, but when we met Rich, we didn’t know what we should be looking for or where to begin. Rich came out to our office and took the time to talk with us about our usage and what we were looking to accomplish. He helped us calculate the correct size system for our specific needs, design the most efficient system, and even explained why going with something too big would not only be unnecessary, but also wouldn’t be cost effective in terms of initial cost vs. benefit.

Jonathan Crow

I investigated multiple companies for my Solar installation and was most impressed with the pre-sales experience with Moxie Solar. Rich Tilden, my account representative, was very knowledgeable and very open and honest about everything involved in the project. He wasn't pushy at all and even recommended I investigate other companies. I could not be more pleased with the whole project and the results.

Glenda Newbanks

Very professional and we love our electric bill.

Sarah Jacobi

Moxie was great! They helped take care of everything and we are loving our new solar panels. I highly recommend!

Molly Yates

Great experience with all parts of the solar installation on our house. We had recently remodeled, including putting on a new roof and an addition. Nothing seemed to be standard, but Moxie found a way to make it work in a timely manner. Wonderful experience all the way around!

Anonymous –

We had remodeled and added an addition onto a 100-year old house. When Moxie came to plan the install of our solar, nothing was standard. They worked through the process quickly and efficiently anyway and got it done. Incredibly good guys, good business contacts and great overall service. Would highly recommend this company..

Charles ShainGoogle Review Link

"Moxie is a one stop shop for your solar needs. Design, installation, certification, and inner-connection; they do it all. They handle every aspect of the job and get it done correctly the first time. Our system is meeting all of our expectations, making us green and saving money. The best of both worlds."

"Moxie is incredibly professional and excellent to work with. Moxie installed the solar system at our new home. I worked with employees at all levels of the company and they were all highly responsive and made the whole process very easy. I would highly recommend Moxie for your solar installation."

"All the people at Moxie Solar that I met or communicated with were all very knowledgeable. They were responsive to any questions I had. They handled all the communications with the utility company, and copied me on everything. Definitely a first class operation."

"The entire Moxie team treated us very well on our farm's solar install. The office crew was extremely helpful navigating the "waters" surrounding our REAP grant, and the install crew did a clean job with the roof-mount system. Cheers to solar-powered pigs thanks to team Moxie!"

Linda RandklevGoogle Review Link

"The entire Moxie Solar team is knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. The presentation, the process of obtaining the necessary permits, the installation, the application for tax credits was taken care of by the Moxie Solar team. Made the whole process so easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about solar."

"If you want solar power and all that it offers without all of the strings it takes to get it done and the tax paperwork filled out, Moxie Solar and their staff are where you should start your search."