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Rapid Installation Team

Up to 3X faster solar panel system installation, without ever sacrificing quality, customer service, or attention to detail.

Turnkey Energy Systems

Our team of certified professionals and back-office experts are ready to help you from design to inspection.

5 Star Guarantee

This guarantee encompasses everything – from workmanship to monitoring, we will meet your 5-star expectation.

Solar Incentives

Our solar experts find every solar incentive to save you the most money. We even take care of filing the paperwork for you.

System Monitoring

We hook you up with an easy-to-use app that allows you to monitor your systems energy production rates in real time.

Solar Increases Property Value

Homes and property with solar energy systems have been proven to sell faster and for more money than those without. Typically the system will pay for itself.

See Your Solar ROI Before Signing

Before you sign up we’ll show you a customized energy cost-savings estimate and estimated break-even point. Some customers in as little as 3 years!

What's the Cost of Not Going Solar?

Energy rates are only going up. Meanwhile, the cost of solar installation has plummeted. The longer you wait, the more savings you’re missing out on.



Home Solar

Reap the rewards of renewable energy and add value to your house with your very own residential solar array.

Farm Solar

Join countless farmers who benefit from cutting their reliance on the utility companies and saving big.

Business Solar

You've worked hard to build your company. Now, you can finally standardize your energy costs with solar.



“Thank you Moxie Solar from Your friends at Quality Care Storage. We are lucky to have you guys in our neighborhood and couldn’t be more pleased with your solar installation at the North Liberty location. We’re happy to be a reference for you any time!”

Alyssa Moore

“Moxie was wonderful to work with from the initial presentation, to answering all our questions, to the install and turn on of our system. They even help with the tricky tax rebate forms. You’re investing a lot of hard earned money with this company; after our experience, I give them our full trust!!”

Ann Denney

We had remodeled and added an addition onto a 100-year old house. When Moxie came to plan the install of our solar, nothing was standard. They worked through the process quickly and efficiently anyway and got it done. Incredibly good guys, good business contacts and great overall service. Would highly recommend this company..

Anonymous –

I was able to take advantage of the Solarize Iowa program last year as we were planning to build a new house. The crew that accomplished the installation were great and worked through some pretty bad weather last winter and this spring to get everything installed. Now that the solar system is up and running I have had great returns and significantly lower utility bills.

JT Walker

Moxie Solar was a pleasure to deal with and a class act! My house install was finished ahead of time and it looks great. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The staff ranging from the owner, installers, engineering and office staff were all very friendly. I would highly recommend Moxie Solar.

Patrick Hughes

Moxie Solar was very good to work with. They first came to my house to look at the site, then got back to me with the planned installation. The costs were in line with the estimate. I have been pleased with everything from the installation to the cost savings. I always recommend them when discussing our panels..


I engaged Moxie Solar to complete a sizable solar installation for our garage that i’d considered for a long time. They weren’t the only company that I received proposals from but after doing a lot of due diligence and with the personal attention that I received from Jason and his staff, it was clear that they were going to take care of me.

Rob D.

These guys did a fabulous job with our install. They were amazing throughout the entire process. Julian Vandervelde was amazing- He was always available to answer my questions and still continues to be available to assist with any questions that come up. If he doesn’t know the answer at that time- it is not very long before he gets back to me with a response. The installation team was great as well. They did a fantastic job of getting the panels set properly. They also answered every single one of our questions. They cleaned up after themselves. We certainly couldn’t have asked for a better group to come do out install. If you happen to work from home as I do- I HIGHLY recommend getting the Tesla Power Wall. I can say that since our system became fully functional on 7/31/19- we have sent more power back to Alliant than we have taken from them. Most days we are maintaining 100% self-powered. That one cloudy day that we had with some rain, we dropped to 96% self-powered. The office team was wonderful as well. We had solar installed on both our house AND our garage. And of course, as happened with small towns, our house has one address and our garage another, meaning two separate services and two separate bills. The office team worked diligently with Alliant to make sure that everything was good to go for us. I would recommend Moxie Solar to anyone who asked me about our panels. In fact, we have had at least 5 people stop by just to ask about them.

Brandi Frye

The whole team at Moxie did a fantastic job. I have my system installed last September and have been thrilled with everything since. They have been quick to answer any questions I have had about how things work. Highly recommend to anyone looking for solar.

Lyndon Tice

“FANTASTIC customer service! I originally called another solar installation company, and after having them NEVER return my phone calls or set up an appointment to meet with me, I decided to give Moxie a call. I’m SO glad I did! Everyone at Moxie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We got our system installed and running, and love it. I feel like Moxie really cares about their customers. “


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