Moxie helps to Solarize Johnson County

Solarize Johnson County is a group purchasing program for residential solar.

Offered by Johnson County, six partner cities, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, homeowners throughout Johnson County and West Branch, Iowa may participate in this program to pool their buying power and secure significant discounts that make installing solar more affordable.

The key ingredient for most participants is the pricing for the group buy. The competitive installer selection process ensures the program achieves a price per watt lower than what any individual would generally be able to get on the market. In addition, the price decreases for everyone in the group buy when certain benchmarks are surpassed.

Pricing offered through the Solarize Johnson County Solar Group Buy is not guaranteed to be the least expensive rate for all solar arrays. Larger solar arrays may be able to achieve stand-alone economies of scale that allow for a lower overall cost. Individuals should consider all their options before signing a contract.

Start by attending a Solar Power Hour. Our free, one-hour long information session teaches you the basics of solar, its financial implications for your household, and how the Solarize program works. Then, get a free, no obligation site assessment from our installer.

You have until August 31, 2018 to decide whether to get solar through the program.