How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

With MOXIE’s Rapid Installation Team™, It’s Quicker than Ever Before

Once you have decided to get solar energy for your home, farm, or business, the last thing you want to do is sit and wait to enjoy its many benefits. Whether your reason for making the switch to solar is to save money on rising energy bills or to protect the environment, MOXIE understands that there’s not a second to waste.

Enter the MOXIE Rapid Installation Team™, an in-house turnkey solar panel installation team that utilizes state-of-the-art virtual technology to expedite every step of the go solar process. The result is a long-lasting solar array that that’s installed quicker than ever before, without sacrificing quality.

The newly formed Rapid Installation Team™ has allowed us to set first-contact to inspection times as short as 16 days. That’s about 90% faster than our previous average!

how long does it take to install solar panels

Welcome to the Next Generation of Turnkey Solar Installations

The Rapid Installation Team™ at MOXIE handles all the same steps of turnkey solar panel installation, except now, it’s all in real-time. This unique streamlined approach cuts days, weeks, or even months off traditional solar panel system installs.

It all starts with a free, no-pressure solar consultation which will help you understand how well solar energy will benefit you based on your location as well as your detailed costs for solar, including all applicable solar incentives.

Once you choose to work with MOXIE, a complete site evaluation can be completed within just minutes. That information is then instantly passed on to our in-house solar engineering team, who custom-design a solar array that’s ideal for your unique energy needs. After your approval, the project can be instantly moved into the equipment allocation, permitting, installation, and interconnection phases.

A nice side-benefit of real-time solar installation from MOXIE is that it actually cuts down on front-end costs and allows us to pass savings on to you!

agricultural solar panel installation crew

Timeline for Solar Panel Installs

MOXIE’s Rapid Installation Team™ is truly innovating the answer to the question “how long does it take to install solar panels” by speeding up the process for folks all across the United States.

But, what does an actual timeline for this lightning-fast solar installation look like? Every install job is a little different, but here’s one example of a recent residential solar installation by MOXIE:

How Long to Install 5kW Solar Panel System?

Below is the real timeline for a recently installed 5kW solar panel system. The customer signed up with MOXIE on May 13th and was enjoying the many benefits of powering their home with solar energy on June 17th, just 35 days later!

how long install solar panels

Solar Consultation: May 12th

Contract Signed: May 13th

Site Evaluation & Initial Designs Completed: May 15th

Final Designs Completed & Approved: May 18th

Permits & Interconnection Completed: May 21st

Solar Panel Install Started: June 2nd

Solar Panel Install Completed: June 2nd

Inspection Completed: June 11th

PTO Eligible: June 16

Commissioning Completed: June 17th

Get Started on Solar Installation Today!

Between our years of experience, our dedication to excellent customer service, and our rapid installation, MOXIE truly is your best choice for turnkey solar panel installation. Don’t wait, get started today and enjoy the many benefits of solar energy quicker than ever before.