20 Examples of Ground Mount Solar Installation

Ground mount solar differs from rooftop solar in a few key ways.

A few weeks ago we shared examples of rooftop solar installations completed by MOXIE. But sometimes, whether it’s tree shading or simply lack of physical space, rooftop solar isn’t able to achieve your goals for installing solar.

The benefits of ground-mounted solar include greater control over production (our site surveying team uses a variety of tools to determine the most sun-kissed part of your property) and of course, you can build much larger arrays on the ground than you can on most roofs. Keep in mind that ground-mounted arrays often cost more than rooftop arrays due to the extra mounting hardware they require.

Our team works with you to understand your situation and provide you with a variety of possible solar installation solutions so you can make the best choice for your energy production and financial needs.

1. Illinois Ground Mount Solar

solar panels on ground in rural Illinois area

This 13.3 kW ground mount system is made of 38 polycrystalline panels and DC optimized inverters. The customer is taking advantage of Illinois Net Metering in order to help keep their energy bill extremely low.

2. Q-Cell Solar Panel System

solar arrays for home that are ground mount

88 Q-Cell solar panels make up this large 30.36 kW ground pier-pounded system. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters help maximize energy production.

3. Residential Ground Mount Solar Panels

residential ground mount solar

This 19.6 kW solar system includes 56 ground-mounted solar panels. Because the customer is in Illinois, they were able to take advantage of the Illinois SREC program.

4. Ground Mount Solar Panels for Rural Colorado Home

colorado ground mount solar array for home

Here MOXIE used Iron Ridge XR1000 ground mount racking hardware so the 38 panels could be stacked four-high. The total system size is 12.35 kW and includes two Tesla Powerwalls for efficient solar energy storage.

5. Solar Panels for Rural Farm

solar panels next to barn on rural farm

This rural farm owner is powering their home with 52 Q-Cell panels and SolarEdge inverters. The final system size is 18.2 kW and all energy production can be monitored remotely.

6. Ground Mount Solar for Commercial Farm

ground mount solar arrays for commercial farm

This massive solar array contains 1,328 solar panels. The total system size is 478.08 kW! Because of the size, MOXIE used Solectria brand inverters which are designed for large commercial applications.

7. Residential Ground Mounted Solar Energy System

ground mounted solar array in Illinois yard for home

This residential solar customer was looking to save money and have less reliance on the utility company. Their 11.9 kW system includes 34 Q-Cell panels and the customer is taking advantage of net metering to maximize savings.

8. Ground Mount Solar Audible

15kW solar array on ground next to farm field

After MOXIE’s site surveying crew advised the customer that their barn roof was not strong enough to hold the panels, they decided on a ground mount system. In all there are 44 panels for this 15.4 kW system.

9. Ground Mount Solar Array for Home

6 kW solar array for home

This 6.08 kW ground mount system contains 16 solar panels, enough to keep the customer’s home powered with clean and renewable energy!

10. Residential 7kW Ground Mount Solar System

ground mount solar system array for home

This 20-panel ground mount array is enough to keep the nearby home powered while also taking advantage of solar renewable energy credits.

11. Agricultural Ground Mount Solar Panels

ag solar panels ground mounted next to silo

This customer has roof-mounted solar for their home and these ground-mounted panels to power the rest of their large farm. With 168 Q-Cell panels, this 58.65 kW system is generating some serious sun power!

12. Ground Mount Solar for Large Family Farm