How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels convert photons into DC energy.

Photons from solar radiation collide with PV cells on solar panels, knocking loose electrons that form a DC electrical current.

Inverter converts DC energy into usable AC power.

The inverter takes the DC current generated by solar panels and converts it to AC power, which is usable in the home.

Excess production is stored or passed back to the grid.

Excess power can either be sent back onto the grid (which usually generates credits through net metering) or stored in a battery.

Declare Energy Independence

Tired of paying outrageous energy bills that fluctuate each month and result in higher base rates each year? With MOXIE you own the solar system installed on your home and you get the upside value – not some third party or the utility company.

"A perfect solution for efficiently providing the energy for electricity is to install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof or next to the house. The house can get energy from the grid when there is no sun or inclement weather and feed energy back to the grid where this is allowed."

Sheri Koones, Forbes, Jan 26, 2020

Save Money

Avoid arbitrary rate increases and enjoy more of the comforts of modern renewable technology.

Build serious ROI

Watch your solar investment become more valuable for decades as utilities rise.

Smart Home Tech

Take advantage of smart home technology to get even more value out of your solar investment.

Go Green

Each home that goes solar has a significant impact on the environment.

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