11 Companies Powered by Solar Energy

For good reason, MOXIE usually spotlights its residential solar installations. We also have agricultural/farm solar projects to showcase. But today, let’s highlight some of our commercial and business solar installations. Clean, sustainable solar energy powers these 11 companies:

Indiana Solar Installation

We begin with an exemplary, expansive, and award-winning complex at Cardinal Campus in Highland, Indiana.

These northwest Indiana buildings didn’t just slap on some solar and call it a day. The forward-thinking suite at Cardinal Campus integrates high-tech cladding, insulation, and windows. The campus is a clean, green, professional home to law and medical practices.

The visionary behind Cardinal Campus is Dr. Claude Gendreau, a renowned veterinarian. In 2011, he authored a plan to “move America forward” titled: What You Must Do for Your Country. His book outlines the dangers of fossil fuel addiction and advocates for immigration reform.

A few years later, Dr. Gendreau followed through with a building plan that is unlike any other in the country. His orthopedic vet clinic near Chicago is a group of buildings that includes massive solar arrays on the roof. The buildings also employ other green building components like LED lighting, and variable heating and cooling design.The campus was recognized for USGBC LEED Neighborhood Development standards, the first of its kind in Indiana.

In 2019, the buildings were recognized by the US Green Building Council with an Indiana Green Building Merit Award. Cardinal Campus also has a Platinum LEED rating, the highest level given by the USGBC. (LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.) The campus was also recognized for USGBC LEED Neighborhood Development standards, the first of its kind in Indiana.

Cardinal Campus in Highland, IN
Cardinal Campus

Outside, the xeriscaped grounds include native plantings and permeable paving. In 2020, the campus won an award for environmental stewardship from the American Society of Landscapes and Architects (ASLA).

Cardinal Campus from the air
Cardinal Campus

On the roof, about 150kW of solar power crown these ground-breaking green buildings. Kudos to Cardinal Campus and thank you for letting us be a part of it!

Iowa Solar

Another company powered by solar energy in Cedar Rapids
Crescent Electric

This Cedar Rapids electric company went big with solar energy. This is one of the biggest MOXIE photovoltaic installations. Crescent Electric has 846 panels on the roof that produce up to 178 kW. The solar array went online in 2018.

Crescent Electric
Crescent Electric’s rooftop solar

These Iowa solar installations have their own charm. Let’s start with a project built on an existing building called the Harborview Apartments.

Harborview solar rooftop

The Gordon-Van Tine Commons building in downtown Davenport overlooks the Mississippi River and features 209 solar panels with almost 70kW. The renovation project finished in 2019 and includes a rooftop swimming pool, grocery store, and a brewery.

Harborview solar energy

The historic building is also home to the beloved and long-running Isabel Bloom studios.

solar rooftop
Riverview in Iowa City

Not to be outshined, Iowa City’s Riverview condos are 96 units overlooking the Iowa River.

Riverview solar rooftop

The building has 87.3 kW with 206 Suniva solar panels.

Hiawatha Public Library
Hiawatha Public Library

Just north of Cedar Rapids, the Hiawatha Public Library boasts 181 Q-Cell solar panels that provide 72.4 kW. The project uses SolarEdge inverters and SnapNRack Ultra Rail Roof Mount racks.

Indian Creek solar
Indian Creek Enterprises

This ground-mount solar array was installed at Indian Creek Enterprises in Keystone, Iowa. The 144 Suniva solar panels are capable of providing almost 40 kW of clean, sun-powered electricity.

Big Boulder solar
Russell Energy

MOXIE installed 228 solar modules for Russell Energy/Big Boulder Farms.

Russell Energy solar
Russell Energy back view

The gorgeous solar array sits atop a SnapNRack Series 200 ground mount. This project pumps out a potential 74 kW of clean electric power. Solar energy powers this small company in Monticello.

Illinois Solar Installations

Galesburg solar
Best Western Prairie

MOXIE installed 349 Mission solar panels at the Best Western Prairie Inn and Conference Center in Galesburg. The ground-mount solar array produces 115 kW.
There’s 26.6 kW of electricity coming out of 77 Q-Cell panels at Herr Petroleum, also in Galesburg, IL. The company accrues Illinois SRECs that accumulate when the solar system produces extra energy.

Harvard Factory solar energy companies
Harvard Factory

Harvard Factory Automation specializes in engineering conveyor products. This company is also powered by solar energy, conveyed by the sun. The Harvard factory has 258 Q-Cell solar panels that can provide 93.6 kW.

Genesis Nursery solar roof
Genesis Nursery

In Tampico, Genesis Nursery has 147 Mission solar panels that create about 50kW.

Turkey Hollow solar energy company
Turkey Hollow Taxidermy

The solar array at Turkey Hollow Taxidermy went online in 2019. The Taylor Ridge company runs 52 Q-Cell solar panels at just over 18kW.

So that’s just a few of MOXIE’s commercial solar installations!

Check out some of our other installation galleries, including these aerial shots of Illinois solar, solar barn installs, and ground-mount solar arrays.

Are you looking for solar energy at your company?

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