Can your solar installer do this?

Top 10 Questions to Ask Solar Installers

Today, we’ll cover some of the most important questions to ask solar installers. We also have some questions to ask other professionals to find out if solar is right for you. These are MOXIE’s top 10 solar installer questions.

There’s a lot of new solar installers getting in the game. PV (photovoltaic) installer is one of the fastest growing jobs worldwide and will be for many years.

But can you trust every solar company getting in the game today? Do your research, check reviews of solar installers, and ask questions. Last year, we covered the top 7 questions to ask before solar installation company. For this blog, we updated that list and added questions covering insurance, taxes, and your HOA covenant.

questions for solar installers
Can your solar installer do this?

Let’s start with the installer.

Your solar installer should be reputable, experienced, and certified– these things go without saying and MOXIE checks all the boxes, no question!

The next things to consider are based on your individual needs and circumstances. For example, what incentives does your utility company offer? What warranties are available for specific solar panel brands, other equipment, and installation?

Below, we’ll share a list of questions for your homeowners association, insurance company, realtor, and tax preparer.

Solar cost

One of the first and most obvious questions to ask is cost. The subset of finance questions on that front is:

  • How much power do you need?
  • How much will you finance?
  • Can you add solar in the future if you want to expand?
  • Do you also want a backup battery to keep the lights on when the grid is down?

Solar incentives

Significantly, one of the most important questions before you install is, “Which solar tax incentives and rebates are available?”

Financial planners at MOXIE keep a record of state-by-state, utility, and co-op rules for connecting your solar to the grid.

Currently, the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is 26% for projects started before Jan. 1, 2023. (In 2023, the ITC drops to 22%.) The solar ITC is guaranteed and applies to your federal tax burden.

State tax credits, net metering, SRECs, are in flux. Some states have a waiting list for tax credits. Net meters or SRECs are not available in every market. Ask MOXIE to help capture available money and offset the cost of solar installation.

What’s the warranty on solar panels? Installation?

Your solar panels come with a warranty. The details vary by manufacturer but often include a power guarantee that tracks panels production over time. (Note: All solar panels have slight diminished energy production during their lifetime.)

MOXIE has a 5-Star Guarantee that includes unmatched bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 98.5% uptime guarantee. This encompasses everything from workmanship and products to the complete system monitoring once it’s online.

How much experience does your solar installer have?

MOXIE has a long record of solar installs that spans over a decade. We’ve put up almost 100,000 solar panels in 25 states. We want you to shop around and compare pricing, warranties, experience, reputation and customer reviews. We’re confident that MOXIE will give you the best of everything. The best customer service, the best deal on solar panels and installation, and the best guarantee.

Other solar installers are side projects for HVAC, electricians, or roofing companies. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with inexperience. Everyone walks before they can run.

But MOXIE solar installers can do the job 2-3x faster than the national average.

How? MOXIE employs Rapid Installation Teams that includes our solar installers, engineers, site-surveyors, permitting experts, finance team, and more.

Is your roof good for solar?

Our experienced site-surveyors analyze your location, pitch, and orientation to determine optimal solar harvesting and roof solar design.

If for any reason your roof can’t support a PV panel array, your property may be suited for a ground-mounted solar array.

Is your roof is damaged or in needs of an update? Now is the time to install a solar roof with Ergosun solar roof tiles. MOXIE is a certified Ergosun solar roof installer. Find out more about Ergosun and how installing a solar roof can pay for itself.

Solar power monitoring

After the system is installed, you may have questions about how much solar energy you’re creating. How can you track your solar energy production when it’s online?

MOXIE monitors the production and status of your solar panel system for no additional cost. In addition, we set up a computer app that allows you to easily track the solar system’s production at your convenience.

More Solar answers and FAQ

MOXIE has an FAQ page that answers more questions about the solar installation process. You can also take a solar “tour” to walk through the steps for going solar.

MOXIE will answer all your questions and we want to help you understand how solar works. We want to find the best solar fit for your energy needs and education is important to us. However, if you’re getting close to signing a deal, there are a few more things to consider. MOXIE can point you in the right direction, but these are some things to find in your network.

Let’s talk about what to ask your people.

Solar and home insurance

Will your insurance increase if you install solar? Ask your insurance agent about homeowner insurance rates for solar installations.

Solar and taxes

Ask your tax accountant about solar tax incentives and claiming state and federal tax credits. They may be able to create a tax burden (by transferring IRA money) if you don’t typically owe taxes. This is a good plan for those who usually receive a tax refund.

Many states have a property tax exemption for solar. You can find more info at the DSIRE energy policy database.

Home value

If you’re considering selling your home, ask a realtor about reselling a solar-powered house. Generally, solar adds value to your home and most buyers are willing to pay extra for clean energy.

HOAs and Solar

Many states have laws that bar homeowners associations from restricting solar. But a few holdout HOAs haven’t seen the light and are trying to keep out solar. Incredibly, some HOAs block solar, don’t have solar rules, or will rewrite rules to bar solar from their HOA. Check your HOA by-laws, ask the neighborhood developer, and advocate for clean energy in your town.

Do you have more questions for solar installers?

We have answers. More importantly, MOXIE has the expertise, the energy, and the tools needed for high-quality solar installation and service.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solar solution. Every customer has unique factors for harvesting sun power. To start the process, fill out our quick, easy, free, no-obligation request for a virtual solar consultation.

Looking for more questions to ask a solar installer near you?

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) made a list of 40 questions for installers on panels, permitting, and paperwork.

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