MOXIE Solar Team is more than PV Installation

We like to rave about our MOXIE solar installation service, the Rapid Installation Teams, our electricians, engineers, and support staff. Our low solar prices and many years of experience, our 5-star guarantee, and education-first mission. But sometimes MOXIE’s installers go above and beyond. That was the case last year on a residential job site in Chatham, IL.

This video review made our day. Not only did the Moore family rave about the MOXIE service our Rapid Installation Team provided, they gave a special thank you to MOXIE PV Installer Joey Bautista for his help. Last year, Bautista was working on the solar installation at the Moore house when something happened to their son.

Solar install team
MOXIE PV Installer Joey Bautista

“He noticed him, happened to be standing there.. held him and made sure he didn’t fall down It was really impressive,” B.J. Moore said.

As he was working a regular day, installing solar as part of the team, Bautista showed his MOXIE in a big way.

“I saw he was having trouble and so I held him until he recovered,” Bautista said, adding, “No big deal, anyone would have done the same thing.”

Watch the video:

Bautista’s boss, Ryan Plock, is MOXIE’s Illinois Operations Manager.

“This is a great example of who we are,” Plock said.

“We’re proud of Joey,” he said, adding, “MOXIE goes above and beyond to provide great service. Joey’s kindness and willingness to help the family is an example of how much we care.”

Learn more about MOXIE’s commitment to excellence, our history of award-winning solar service, and our rising location in the US.

Our solar installation team goes above and beyond to bring you the best service at every step of the process.

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