Solar Installations by Air: 14 Aerial Photos

We’ve got 14 fabulous aerial shots of some of our favorite solar installations. A few of these projects are huge commercial projects, 126kW in one case. Two more have near 100kW. These other Illinois solar projects were designed with enough to power the house (or barn) and charge solar batteries for backup power at night and during outages.

Let’s get to the pictures!

1. We put 69 Q-cell solar panels on this barn. The system produces about 27kW.

Illinois solar barn

Here’s another view of the setup from ground level.

2. We featured this solar farm array in our ground-mount gallery too. 

3. This Illinois factory rooftop has 258 Q-cell solar panels producing over 90kW.

Illinois commercial solar

4. This ground-mount solar array promises over 50kW using 128 Q-cell panels.

5. You can put panels on the house plus some on the garage! This array runs 5.87kW using 17 Q-cell panels.

solar garage

6. Rooftop solar on two metal outbuildings is rated for over 27kW using 36 Q-cell panels.

Solar barn in Illinois

>>> See more sun-powered farms in our solar barn gallery.

7. This old farm house put 16 Q-cell solar panels on the ground for just over 6kW of power.

8. This ground-mount array boasts 350 Q-cell panels and an eye-popping 126kW.

9. This house has 33 AXITEC panels running over 12kW.

10. 25 Q-cell panels run the power for this rooftop solar setup rated for 10kW of solar energy.

11. Rooftop solar on this house produces 4.62kW from 12 AXITEC panels.

12. This barn roof solar project produces over 90kW from 266 Q-cell panels.

Illinois solar barn

13. 59 Q-cell panels produce over 20kW on this rooftop solar array in Illinois.

14. This homeowner’s rooftop solar energy system produces over 12kW using 35 Q-cell panels.

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