Solar farm with 60 panels

Solar Energy is Freedom

Free energy. What could be better? Especially today, National Freedom Day, Feb. 1. MOXIE Solar helps you celebrate freedom with some free energy. That’s right, we said, “Free energy.” The strongest and most reliable form of energy our planet has ever known, solar power. Did you know that heat from the sun creates wind too? [Editor’s note: It’s a bit more complicated than that.] So wind energy starts from solar too. The bottom line? Basically, going solar is freedom.

How do you go solar? You could start by asking America’s Solar Company. MOXIE has been running the solar game with experts at every stage for over a decade. Our initial consultation is free and virtual, so you can start today!

MOXIE Solar is freedom from utility bills.

Why do you want to MOXIE UP and go solar?

If you live in one of the many states with state, local, or utility-specific solar incentives, renewable energy credits, or net metering, we will help you capture that money. For example, Indiana has net metering, sales tax and renewable energy property tax exemption, net metering, and more. In Ohio, you can get solar financing help, net metering, and you can sell energy credits for some green solar freedom.

Freedom from your utility company is another reason to go solar. Historically, residential electricity rates have risen about 15% in the past decade. With solar, you won’t be subject to rate hikes that are beyond your control.

Another benefit of the freedom of solar is: no more dirty coal!

You won’t be charging your phone or laptop with coal power. Still declining, coal provides power for about 20% of US electricity needs. In states like Kentucky, that number is closer to 70%. In fact, Kentucky is one of the biggest coal burning states in the US, behind West Virginia, Wyoming, and Missouri. But burning coal is not a cheap form of energy.

The average coal plant in the US produces about 600 megawatts per hour (mWh) or 600,000 kWh. Consider that hundreds of homes can be powered with just 1 mWh of electricity.

MOXIE is proud to work our way towards decommissioning our first coal plant. Our customers have offset thousands of kilowatts from dirty fossil fuels thanks to pure, free sunshine.

Now that’s a good reason why solar is freedom!

Have we convinced you?

MOXIE is America’s Solar Company and solar is freedom. Ergo, MOXIE Solar is freedom. You’ll be free from dirty energy and monthly bills using free energy from pure sunshine.

Now get started on your solar journey with MOXIE!

Did you know?

Congress passed the 13th Amendment, banning slavery, to the US Constitution on Jan. 31, 1865.

The next day, Pres. Lincoln sent the amendment to the states for ratification. So-called “Radical” Republicans (opposed to slavery) submitted the first draft of the amendment in 1864. Georgia was the 27th state to ratify the 13th which clinched the necessary three-fourths of the states needed for certification. The 13th Amendment became law on Dec. 18, 1865.

In 1948, a proclamation recognizing the holiday was signed into law by Pres. Truman. It was a forerunner to Black History Day and later, Black History Month. Former slave Major Richard Wright Sr. was an early and vocal advocate for the holiday.



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