Ergosun Solar Roof Tile keeps your homes original look intact

Cheapest roof is one that makes money

Looking for the cheapest roof possible? What if your roof paid for itself? Say hello to the ErgoSun Solar Roof Tile, MOXIE’s single roof “shingle” with a little jingle. After your solar roof installation, the neighbors might not even guess you have solar tiles. ErgoSun tiles have a sleek matte finish, seamless look, and weather-resistant design. ErgoSun tiles look like slate (gray) or terracotta (earthy red) roofing materials. Does your local roofing contractor know about ErgoSun?

What is an ErgoSun solar roof tile?

ErgoSun tiles are about 12×13”, matching the dimensions of the most widely used concrete tiles. The tiles can be installed by a standard roofing company (plus MOXIE’s expert electricians for safe hookup).

Each tile produces 15.7 watts. The company says the wattage is a 60% gain per square foot over standard solar panels. ErgoSun states that their matte-finish tiles outperform conventional solar panels in low light conditions.

Why should you go solar for your new roof?

  • ErgoSun’s solar tiles have a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year 80% peak power warranty.
  • ErgoSun tile installs the same as regular concrete roof tile.
  • Their patented two-piece junction box uses trusted tech that makes installation simple.


MOXIE is a certified Ergosun Solar Roof Tile Installer

The innovative, low-profile, high-performance roof tile system is unlike a typical solar array.

  • No solar panel mounting hardware needed.
  • Fewer parts means faster installation.
  • The solar tile technology is safe and reliable with proven wind, snow, and fire ratings.
  • The solar roof tile won’t compromise the existing building envelope.
  • From the ridge peak to the rain gutter edge, dormers, gables, and other architectural details are covered in solar tile.

If you need a cheap, new roof, now is the time to integrate solar tiles.

Protect your home, produce energy, and charge battery backup energy storage. You can also collect the same tax incentives, credits, and rebates as with conventional solar panels systems.

ErgoSun is a product of Solarmass Energy Group which is solarizing building materials for a sustainable future. ErgoSun Integrated Solar Roof Tile was engineered in the UK. Currently, the system generates power on homes in the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden, South Africa, and Jamaica. Concrete roof tiles are the most common roofing material in the world.

Solar roof tiles and shingles are part of a growing industry in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). ErgoSun competes in the market with Tesla Solar Roof (now in Version 3) and SunTegra tiles and shingles. BIPVs replace traditional roofing materials to produce energy and protect your home.

One caveat from Elon Musk, “The solar roof doesn’t make financial sense for someone with a relatively new roof.”

Musk declared 2019 as “the year of the solar roof,” based on Tesla’s Solarglass product. That prediction was off the mark. Three years earlier, Tesla surprised the industry when they launched Solarglass in October 2016.

So go ahead, replace your aging or damaged roof with solar tiles. Plan for solar tiles on your new home. But don’t tear off an existing roof just to jump on the solar tile train.

Maybe you want to install some panels for your farm, home or business instead? MOXIE sells a number of different types of panels, inverters, and battery storage systems.

Are you interested in installing a roof with BIPV for your home or business? It might be the cheapest roof available.

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