20 Examples of Ground Mount Solar Installation

Ground-mount solar differs from rooftop solar in a few key ways. Previously, we shared some gorgeous examples of MOXIE solar installations on barns. But tree shade or limited space can be a barrier to rooftop solar. The big benefit of ground-mounted solar is greater control over production. Also, you can build larger arrays on the ground than most roofs. Our site-surveying team finds the sunniest part of your property. Then we share a variety of solar installation options. 

Ground-mounted solar arrays are often pricier than rooftop arrays. Ground mounts require extra mounting hardware and sturdy mount piers.

1. Illinois Ground Mount Solar

Take advantage of Illinois solar credits and incentives!

This 13.3 kW ground-mount system is made of 38 polycrystalline panels and inverters. Illinois Net Metering keeps their energy bill low.

2. Q-Cell Solar Panel System

88 Q-Cell solar panels make up this large 30.36 kW ground pier-pounded system. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters help maximize energy production.

3. Agricultural Ground Mount Solar Panels

Gensler farm with 168 solar panels

This customer has roof-mounted solar for their home. These ground-mounted panels power the rest of their farm. With 168 Q-Cell panels, this 58.65 kW system is generating some serious sun power!

4. Residential Ground Mount Solar Panels

Ground mount solar array

This 19.6 kW solar system includes 56 ground-mounted solar panels. In Illinois, they take advantage of Illinois SRECs.

5. Ground Mount Solar Panels for Colorado Home

12.35 kW solar

MOXIE used Iron Ridge XR1000 ground-mount racking hardware. We stacked 38 panels four-high. The total system size is 12.35 kW. It includes two Tesla Powerwalls for energy storage.

6. Solar Panels in Illinois

Ground mount solar

This homeowner is powered up with 34 Q-Cell panels and SolarEdge inverters. The final system size is 11.9 kW. Energy production can be monitored remotely.

7. Ground Mount Array for Commercial Farm

Solar array with ground mount

This massive solar array contains 1,328 solar panels. The total system size is 478.08 kW!

MOXIE used Solectria brand inverters designed for large commercial applications.

8. Residential Ground Mounted Solar Energy

Solar panels groundmount

This residential solar customer was looking to save money and ditch the power company. Their 17.94 kW system includes 52 Q-Cell panels. 

9. 52-Panel Solar Array

Solar barn

This farm solar array has 52 panels for a 18.2 kW system.

10. Grounded Solar Array for Home

Ground mount solar residential

This 6.08 kW ground-mount solar system contains 16 solar panels. That’s enough to keep the customer’s home powered with clean and renewable energy!

11. 44 Panels on Illinois Farm

Solar farm

This is 44-panel ground mount array in Illinois.

12. Solar for Kitchen Farm

88 q-cell panels for farm

88 Q-Cell panels are ground mounted in this simple solar array.

13. Grounded Solar System with 200 Panels

Main Hitch solar farm

This large ground-mounted system is 70 kW. It’s made of 350-watt Q-Cell panels.

14. Solar Installation in Illinois

Solar panels on farm

This farm keeps the power running with 402 ground-mounted panels and SolarEdge inverters. The total system size is 138.7 kW.

15. Farm Solar Array in Iowa

168 Q-cell panels

This farm has rooftop solar panels and ground-mount panels. The total system size is 27.775 kW with 101 Suniva black-frame solar panels and Enphase brand inverters.

16. Solar Panels in the Snow

Ag solar

Take advantage of Illinois SRECs like this 124.2 kW system. 360 Q-Cell panels make up this ground-mounted array.

17. Solar for Agriculture

Groundmount solar array example

This ground mount ag solar array has panels stacked six-high! There are a total of 144 Q-Cell panels in this 48.96 kW system.

18. Ground Installed Solar Panels for Chicken Farm

Chicken farm with solar

This large 100.8 kW ground-mounted system serves a dual purpose for a Midwest farm.  288 panels power the many buildings on the property. The array is strategically placed to give shade for chickens.

19. Residential 21 kW Solar System

60 solar panels on ground mount

This array contains 60 Q-Cell panels.

20. Ground Mounted Illinois Solar Installation 

Solar farm with 60 panels

MOXIE installed this 21 kW system with 60 Q-Cell solar panels in 2019.

Learn more about Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installation

Is a ground-mount array right for your farm, home, or business? Contact MOXIE today for a fast, no-obligation solar consultation.


[UPDATE: We fixed some broken links and images on this page for 2021.]

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