EMPOWERMED program brings solar power to front-line workers

NORTH LIBERTY — This month, MOXIE is celebrating completion of over 300 reduced-price, residential solar installations for healthcare and front-line workers with its 2020 EMPOWERMED program.

The program began in April as an effort to support front-line healthcare workers and provide low-cost power with significantly discounted solar energy systems (at or near MOXIE’s cost).

“Through all the commotion, there are constant reminders of how much burden is on our healthcare workers,” MOXIE CEO Jason Hall said in April.

The program launched in eastern Iowa and was immediately extended to any healthcare worker in the MOXIE service area (now over 15 states). ICU and ER nurses, x-ray technicians,  doctors, pharmacists, urgent care clinic workers, and others signed up for the program to install reduced-price residential solar systems.

MOXIE joined forces with GreenState Credit Union, New Pioneer Co-op, Crescent Electric, Axiom Consultants, and Relion Insurance Solutions to offer the EMPOWERMED healthcare worker discount.

In addition to the deal on a solar system, each customer received $1000 cashback to help with groceries and other immediate costs. Adding in the federal solar tax incentive (set at 26% for 2020 installs) and these new solar power producers scored a real deal.

Iowa City physician Dr. Warren Bishop came out of retirement to fight on the front-line response to the Covid-19 pandemic. His wife, Gail, is an immunologist and they both work at University of Iowa Health Care (UIHC).

“The program helped finance our installation and we are grateful to MOXIE for supporting healthcare workers during this pandemic,” Dr. Bishop said.

The Bishop family installed an 8.4 kW home solar system with 21 Q-Cell panels.

Noah and Morgan Keck installed a 6.8 kW system with 17 Q-Cell panels at their home in Solon, Iowa, where they are raising two kids. Morgan works at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City as a registered nurse (RN).

“We’re really happy with the solar project on our forever home,” Noah said, adding, “Our energy bill has been dramatically reduced while also providing energy for our new electric vehicle (EV). Well done MOXIE!”

Keck owns Blaze Color Salon in Coralville and Cedar Rapids.

John and Becky Dagle have an 8.4 kW system with 22 AXITEC panels. John works at UIHC in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“We wanted to go solar and this program made it possible. We’re thankful for MOXIE’s support of healthcare workers as we create a cleaner future,” Becky said.

Another front-line worker, Amy Barber, is an x-ray technician in Knoxville, Illinois. She and her husband, Chris, installed a 10.78 kW solar system with 28 AXITEC solar panels.

“EMPOWERMED was a gift for us,” Chris Barber said, “We’re grateful to MOXIE and their staff for the help. We love MOXIE’s solar power system and it was installed so fast!”

After the scope and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was realized in March, MOXIE closed down, laid off staff, and retooled the business. By April, the North Liberty-based company reopened and quickly deployed the EMPOWERMED program to provide low-cost energy for hundreds of essential, front-line healthcare workers.

After bringing solar to over 300 front-line workers and their families, the EMPOWERMED program has officially closed.

The EMPOWERMED program transitioned into the Watts for Warriors program to provide veterans and active-duty military families with near at-cost installations plus a $1,000 cash rebate. The program is ongoing.

“The brave men and women that serve our country are used to being the ones leading us towards a brighter tomorrow. Watts for Warriors is our small way of showing respect and gratitude for their sacrifice. By offering them and their families a steep discount on solar panel installation, we’re able to help them save money and also equip them with a tool that will lead America towards a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win for everyone.” – Jason Hall, MOXIE CEO

Established in 2008, MOXIE is leading the charge to transition to renewable energy in the US and bring potentially big savings to homeowners, farmers, and businesses. 

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