Is an electric vehicle on your holiday wish list?

We survived Black Friday! Phew! And now it’s time to celebrate Cyber Monday. What’s on your holiday wish list? A solar-powered house or electric vehicle (EVs)? Maybe both?

Electric vehicle (EV) chargingIn early 2020 (remember February?), we began selling Tesla cars (and other brands) at VERV Auto Sales, MOXIE’s electric vehicle dealership in North Liberty.

Santa might not be able to stuff an EV in your stocking or down the chimney, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive an electric sleigh ‘over the river and through the woods‘ this winter.

Why should you consider an EV for your next car?

For one thing, you won’t be alone. In 2018, a AAA survey showed 20% of US drivers want an electric car for their next vehicle.

And according to MOXIE Solar CEO Jason Hall, “Once you drive an EV, you’ll never want to drive a gasser again.”

Advantages of driving EVs

  • Besides the obvious fuel savings, EV engines have a fraction of the parts that standard, fossil fuel burning, combustion engines have. A 2019 study by AAA determined that EVs have lower maintenance and repair costs, just 6.6 cents per mile.
  • Battery-powered EVs don’t need oil changes or spark plugs.
  • There is no transmission or drivetrain in an EV. This means EVs have more torque and instant acceleration.
  • EVs use primarily regenerative braking versus standard friction brakes. In regenerative braking, there is less fade and brake pad wear.

What about electric vehicle safety?

EVs are as safe or safer than standard gas-powered vehicles. For one reason, compared to lithium-ion batteries, gasoline is much more flammable and can easily spread. Battery compartments are placed behind a metal shield so if there is a fire it’s much more contained than a gas fire.

Crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) show Tesla’s Model S performed similarly to comparable gas-powered cars in side-impact collisions and better in front- and rear-impact crashes.

The NHTSA concluded that the chance of passenger injuries in EV crashes is slightly lower than standard cars.

Last year, the Tesla 2019 Model 3 qualified for an IIHS award as a TOP SAFETY PICK.

What about Tesla upgrades?

You’ve probably heard about Tesla’s on-the-go upgrades. They offer firmware updates automatically to boost performance on your EV.

This video gives a taste of Tesla’s tech, especially how they upgraded the Model Y, released in March 2020.

But there are tons of Tesla user videos with tips, tricks, and reviews of upgrades. Bearded Tesla Guy goes through 10 “must-have” accessories in this video.

If you’re truly Tesla-obsessed, follow this reviewer, @greentheonly on Twitter, who goes deep inside Tesla tech and updates.

Other EVs

Some Tesla fans, like Tesla Raj, EVen branch out into rEViewing other electric vehicles. He recently rEViewed the Volkswagen ID.4.

Last week, the first all-electric 2021 Mustang Mach-E began shipping to dealers. The new Ford EV was certified at 300 miles in “premium extended-range rear-wheel-drive” mode by the EPA. It’s the first non-Tesla EV to join the “300” mile range club.

The cheapest EV we found is the Kandi K27, which lists for under $11,000.


So maybe this is the year Santa drops the reins to his sleigh and runs his annual global gift delivery route with an EV on autopilot? Talk about a #travelingSalesmanProblem!

Tesla’s self-parking feature might save St. Nick some time. But hopefully all the solar panels popping up don’t impinge on the jolly old elf’s rooftop landings.

If an EV is not on your wishlist, what about investing in home solar? MOXIE gives free, no-obligation consultations for residential solar.

And if you’re already set with PV panels, have you considered a battery storage system? MOXIE crews became certified to install Tesla battery walls (Powerwall and Powerwall 2) in Summer 2020.

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