12 Excellent Examples of Solar Panels for Barns

It doesn’t get much more American than solar panels on barn roofs!

For over a decade, MOXIE has been helping farmers and rural landowners install solar power systems on their barns and workshop buildings. In fact, some of the first solar installs MOXIE ever did were for farmers in Eastern Iowa. Their positive feedback and real energy-saving results are what have motivated us to continually educate rural landowners on the benefits of installing solar.

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Today, we’re proud to be helping folks all over the country harvest the sun, save money on energy bills, and also reduce their carbon footprint. Here are 12 recent MOXIE solar panel installs on barn roofs.

1. Seed Building with 52.44 kW Rooftop Solar System

PV powered barn

MOXIE installed this large solar energy system on the roof of a seed dealership in Illinois. It has a whopping 188 polycrystalline solar panels with DC optimized inverters. Not only is this customer enjoying having less reliance on the utility company, but they’re also making money off their system with Illinois SRECs.

2. Farm/Home Dual-Purpose Solar Panel System

rooftop array of 74 PV-panels

This MOXIE solar panel install in Illinois is designed to power multiple buildings on the property. Part of the solar panel system runs power specifically to the farm buildings, while other panels route directly to the residential home on the property. In all, there are 74 solar panels in this 27.38 kW system.

3. Solar Powered Shop Building with 2 Telsa Powerwalls

54 solar panels on barn roof and Tesla batteries

Another Illinois solar-powered barn here. This nice 18.63 kW system includes 2 Tesla Powerwalls which provide plenty of backup battery power to ensure the building always has a flow of renewable energy. In all, there are 54 Q-Cell solar panels on this roof.

4. Farm Building with 18 kW Solar Energy System

renewable energy on the farm

There are 52 polycrystalline solar panels on this rural farm building. Each panel is 345 watts and the power is mainly used for the home on the property. This customer was simply taking advantage of the sun-catching real estate on top of their pole building.

5. New 84 Solar Panel Solar System on Barn Rooftop

barn with photovoltaic roofing

Here is another example of a residential and agricultural solar power system that’s combined into one large rooftop barn array. With the panels strategically placed on the south-facing roof of the building, this 29 kW PV solar system gets plenty of sunshine. There are 84 panels in all.

6. Beautiful 15.5 kW System on Metal Roof

42 solar panels on new metal barn roof

An even 50 panels make up this clean 15.5 kW system. The panels are all 350-watt Q-Cell and it’s estimated they will produce about 23.63 kWh of renewable energy in their first year of service.

7. Solar Energy for Farm Vehicle Storage Building

solar powered barn with lithium ion battery storage

This large farm not only has this 35.88 kW rooftop solar system, but it also has a massive 138 kW ground mount solar array. The ground mount array has 402 panels while this rooftop system has 104 panels. This farm is producing some serious renewable energy and saving big on energy bills!

8. Rural Rooftop Solar Energy System

42 panels on new metal barn roof

42 solar panels make up this solid 14.5 kW system that sends power from the barn rooftop right to the residential home on the property. Another great example of how someone utilized their large barn roof for a rural residential solar system.

9. Small Solar System for Livestock Building

solar-powered for livestock and horses

This beautiful livestock building is home to cattle and horses and is powered completely by the sun’s energy. 21 solar panels (each 360 watt) make up this small but mighty 7.56 kW agricultural solar energy system.

10. Perfect-Fitting 21 kW Solar Energy System for Farm

photovoltaic soler

Here is another barn rooftop solar energy system that powers multiple buildings. About 85% of the power is used for the nearby residential home, while the remaining 15% powers the workshop building pictured above.

11. Family Farm with 54 Solar Panels on Barn Storage Building

solar panels on barn roof on Midwest rural farm

This 18.9 kW system provides plenty of power for the farmhouse on the property and net metering is helping the homeowners maximize their energy savings, while reducing the farm’s carbon footprint.

12. Turnkey Solar Power System for Barn

cute solar barn

Last but not least, we have this 17.5 kW solar panel system on a large metal barn roof. Combined with a DC optimized inverter, this MOXIE-installed agricultural system is providing the small farm with plenty of clean renewable energy.

Get Solar Panels for Your Barn

Whether you’re looking to get a solar energy system to power your barn, workshop, home, or a combination of these – installing solar panels on a barn roof is a great way to achieve your energy goals.

Join these satisfied MOXIE customers and start harvesting the sun today!

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