Commercial Solar Panels: 5 Reasons to Go Green in 2020

Commercial solar panels continue to be a smart investment for a number of reasons. If you’re running a business, and have thought about installing commercial solar in the past, right now is a great time to get started. Money-saving solar incentives are decreasing in value at the end of 2020, and installing solar will help reduce and standardize your business’ energy costs from day one. The longer you wait, the more savings you’re missing out on. Read on to understand all the reasons why adding solar panels to your 2020 business goals might be the brightest idea you’ve had all year.

ground mount commercial solar panels next to manufacturing business building

1. Commercial solar incentives are soon decreasing

The federal solar tax credit (ITC) is perhaps the greatest reason to get started on commercial solar panel installation right now. At the end of 2020, the ITC is dropping from 26% down to 22%. As long as you’re system is installed before December 31st, 2020 you’re business is eligible to take advantage of the full 26% federal tax credit. Also, don’t forget about all the state and local solar incentives that your business may also be eligible for.

2. Reduce and standardize energy costs on day one

As a business owner, how nice would it be to have a lower and more predictable energy bill each month? It wouldn’t just help your bottom line, it would allow for more precise long-term financial planning and resilience in times of difficulty. Commercial solar panels protect you from future energy rate increases and allow you to stop renting your electricity from the utility company. Your business will be its own energy supplier and you’ll be able to plan for the future with more certainty, all without any interruption to the electricity your business needs each and every day.

all black commercial solar panels on blue roof

3. You’ll get a positive ROI within a specified timeframe

How often are you presented with an opportunity to invest in a business tool that comes with a precise and proven return on investment? This isn’t like putting money into advertising your company on a new channel and hoping it pays off. MOXIE can help you calculate your exact solar panel payoff period so you can see how long it will take to reach ROI. Once you reach the payoff period, the energy savings for your business become even larger. If your business happens to be in an Economic Opportunity Zone, the financial benefits for installing solar could be even greater.

4. You can market your business as sustainable and eco-friendly

These days, marketing your business often requires some sort of humanization and your ad messaging needs to directly relate to your customers’ values. Installing commercial solar panels for your business is a great way to show current and prospective customers that you care about making their environment cleaner and more sustainable. Also, there is evidence that when a company shows a true concern for the environment, it may result in a higher level of employee satisfaction and performance.

rooftop commercial solar panels

5. Commercial solar energy backup systems are seamless and reliable.

Keeping your business open as much as possible is going to be extremely important over the coming years. And with all the unpredictable weather events we’ve recently experienced, relying on old-fashioned gas generators just isn’t going to cut it. When you install a commercial solar system, you’ll have the option to add a powerful commercial battery backup system that will seamlessly keep your business powered in the event of a grid outage.

Learn more about installing commercial solar panels today

In 2020, there’s a powerful money-saving resource available to your business. No, it’s not more SBA loans, it’s the sun. Despite all the uncertainty many businesses face, the sun is one resource that will never go away. Take a few minutes to learn about the real benefits of installing commercial solar panels today, so you can make the best decision for your tomorrow.

Contact MOXIE for a free, no-pressure commercial solar consultation.

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