solar battery storage from Generac

Generac PWRcell Installation Now Available from MOXIE

New PWRcell battery storage system provides truly scalable backup home energy with unmatched raw power.

There’s an impressive new player in the growing solar + battery storage market, from a trusted company that’s been around for over 60 years. The PWRcell battery storage system from Generac is a revolutionary solution for capturing and storing electricity. Now, MOXIE is a proud certified seller and installer of this powerful solar battery system.

What is Generac PWRcell?

solar battery storage
Courtesy of Generac

Generac PWRcell is a modular storage system that includes lithium batteries, a battery storage enclosure cabinet, a hybrid solar inverter, and the PWRview app for monitoring. PWRcell is compatible with any type of solar panel.

PWRcell is a solution to rising energy costs, home electricity backup protection during outages, and a cleaner carbon footprint.

How does PWRcell work?

Like other solar energy battery storage systems, PWRcell captures and stores electricity from solar panels or the electric grid. The stored energy can be used off-grid during outages, during night time, or during peak demand times when the cost of utility power is at its highest, saving you money on electric bills.

how pwrcell provides backup electricity
Courtesy of Generac

What makes PWRcell different from other energy storage batteries?

The PWRcell battery is not only the most powerful battery on the market, it is also the most flexible and scalable. It can be set up for completely outdoor installations in nearly any climate with the optional  Outdoor Rated (OR) PWRcell battery cabinet and “EX” battery module. Best of all, the PWRcell battery can be configured to meet nearly any budget or lifestyle: with as few as three battery modules for just 8.6kWh of capacity and 4.5kW output; or, four, five and six battery module configurations yield more power and capacity up to 18kWh capacity and 9kW output. When even more power is needed, multiple PWRcell batteries can be connected to a single PWRcell inverter for up to 36kWh of storage capacity and 11kW continuous backup power.

Courtesy of Generac

Bottom line, the PWRcell offers unmatched scalability and raw power potential, allowing you to only pay for the amount of battery power you need, while having the flexibility to scale up if your energy needs change.

What can Generac PWRcell power?

A PWRcell system can provide up to 11kW of continuous backup power to your home’s essential power needs, or to the whole home. The PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) allows you to power your entire home without sub-panels and re-wiring circuits. A single PWRcell battery can provide enough motor starting power to backup large loads like air conditioners and well pumps.

Not only does this battery have the brawn, but it also has the brains. PWRcell smart load management will automatically pause large loads like hot-water heaters and HVAC when the essentials need more power and unpause them later when more energy is available.

Courtesy of Generac

What does PWRview do?

PWRview is Generac’s energy monitoring technology that comes standard equiped with PWRcell installations. The PWRview app allows you to easily keep tabs on your energy consumption, monitor battery usage, access insights and forecasts, and track your savings. PWRview is yet another way Generac PWRcell allows you to make the most of your solar energy production.

Courtesy of Generac

Generac PWRcell Warranty & Specs

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Round Trip Efficiency: 96.5%

Usable Energy: 8.6kWh up to 17.1 kWh

Continuous Power: 3.4kW up to 6.7kW

PWRcell Installed Weight: 280 pounds up to 445 pounds

PWRcell Dimensions: 22″L x 10W” x 68″H

How much does Generac PWRcell Cost?

Battery costs are only one piece of the pie when thinking of home energy solutions. A solar array plus a home battery storage system are not inexpensive purchases, but the price is entirely dependent on where you live, the equipment you choose to use, and the renewable energy incentives you’re eligible for. The cheapest option for a PWRcell system is the 8.6kWh system, but this is scalable up to 17.1kWh with just one battery, allowing matching to any budget. The best way to get an accurate total cost estimate is to contact a certified Generac PWRcell installation expert here at MOXIE. We’ll help you determine the best system size for your needs, help you take advantage of all possible money-saving incentives, and install your solar + battery backup system up to 3X faster than the national average!

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