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These 8 Heroes “Moxied Up” and Saved Big on Solar

Anyone who meets the challenge of creating a more sustainable future by installing solar energy for their home or business is a hero in our eyes. But there are some heroes in this country who fit the definition of MOXIE long before any solar panels were installed. And they saved some green by going solar!

Since announcing EMPOWERMED and Watts for Warriors, MOXIE has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals, first responders, and military heroes across the nation install solar energy systems at steeply discounted costs. Not only are these hardworking heroes getting near at-cost home solar panel systems and an immediate $1,000 support, but they’re also setting themselves up for massive long-term energy savings by taking advantage of current solar incentives and locking in their future energy costs.

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A few months back, we shared uplifting stories of the early impact of EMPOWERMED. Now, we have countless more stories of American heroes who are working to make our country and our world a better place. They are all deserving of our recognition and gratitude, but there are simply too many amazing stories to share. Here are 8 recent MOXIE customer stories that stood out to us:

1. Illinois Veteran Turned Hospital Hero

Not only did this customer serve in Desert Storm, but now he’s serving at a local hospital ensuring proper COVID protocol is in place and being followed. MOXIE proudly installed a 6.4 kW system using 16 Q-Cell solar panels with Enphase inverters.

2. Iowa Pharmacy Tech Working Overtime Saves on Solar

This hardworking pharmacy tech is a single mother who has served her local hospital for over 11 years. Recently she has been working 75+ hour weeks! Moxie proudly installed her 7.2 kW system using 18 Q-Cell panels.

3. Colorado ICU Nurse Helping Vets

This customer is an ICU nurse at a local VA hospital. He is a hero helping heroes. MOXIE gladly installed a 6.4 kW system using 20 Q-Cell solar panels and Enphase inverters.

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4. University Doctor Studying COVID

Not only is this customer a professor at a major university, but he’s also working at the university hospital to compile and analyze statistics on COVID case numbers and potential solutions. MOXIE installed a 13 kW system using 42 Heliene panels and Enphase inverters. We also installed an electric vehicle charger in his garage so he can charge his EV with the sun!

5. North Carolina Army Vet Dynamic Duo

This customer served in the U.S. Army for eight years, working his way up to Officer. His wife works for a camp that gives kids with cancer and other horrible illnesses the opportunity to get outside. MOXIE proudly installed a 9.62 kW solar system using 26 Hyundai panels.

solar panels for home roof discounted

6. Colorado Couple Keeping Kids Fed

This couple may not technically be healthcare workers or military veterans, but we just had to help them out once we heard what they’ve been doing to help the hungry. They both work for a Colorado school district that has, of course, been temporarily shutdown. To help ensure that people continue to get their daily nutrition, they’ve been delivering meals to not only students but anyone who is at risk when they leave their homes. They’ve served over 300,000 meals so far! MOXIE proudly installed them a 8.32 kW system using 26 Q-Cell panels.

7. Heroism Runs in this Iowa Family

Not only is this customer a retired hospital nurse and school nurse, but she and her husband both have children that are currently serving in the military. MOXIE installed a 2.8 kW system using 7 Q-Cell panels.

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8. Illinois Nurse Who Beat COVID

This larger than life hero has been a nurse for over 30 years. She was getting ready to retire, but then COVID hit and she decided to stay and help out. Unfortunately, she contracted COVID at work and fought it for many weeks. She has now recovered but is still facing complications caused by the virus. Currently, MOXIE is working with her children (amazingly, her daughter is also an EMT) to help her get a 4.8 kW solar system using 12 Q-Cell panels.

Help Us Honor More Heroes and Help Them Save on Solar!

If you know any healthcare worker, first responders, or military members please consider helping us spread the message of EMPOWERMED and Watts for Warriors so we can continue to support these amazing Americans! Please share our posts on social media or email this link to a deserving hero.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep it renewable!

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