MOXIE Now Certified to Install Tesla/Zep Solar Mounting Systems

You won’t believe the benefits this unique solar panel mounting style can bring to your project!

In addition to being a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, MOXIE is now certified to install Tesla/Zep Solar Mounting Systems. This ingenious “railless” solution for installing PV arrays on composition shingle roofs provides quicker installs with reduced roof penetrations.

zep solar mounting hardware on roof with powerwall installed

Travis Eichelberger, the newly-appointed President of MOXIE, sees this certification as yet another way to set MOXIE apart from other solar installers. “This allows us to continue offering and installing the best products on the market,” said Eichelberger, “and this Zep mounting/panel combination will provide many benefits to our customers.”

Benefits of Zep Mounting Hardware

ZS Comp, Zep’s solution for installing solar panel arrays on composition shingle roofs, offer a number of benefits including:

  • 30% fewer roof penetrations
  • Low profile mounting allows the panels to be closer to the roof surface for a sleeker look
  • Clamps cannot be seen from the ground, making the array look like it’s “floating” on the roof
  • Black skirting comes standard for even greater aesthetic appeal
  • Significantly faster install time
  • Entire package comes at a competitive price point

Because of the unique profile and mounting style, only certain types of solar panels are compatible with Zep mounting hardware. Right now, MOXIE combines this superior mounting hardware with Hanwha’s all-black high-efficiency 120 cell solar panels.

Background of Zep Solar

Zep Solar was founded in 2009 by a solar engineer/installer looking to make roof-mounted solar panel installations more efficient. By 2010, the company was recognized as a finalist for solar innovation by the Intersolar Award Panel. In 2013, Zep Solar was acquired by SolarCity which then became part of Tesla in 2016.

Now, MOXIE is proud to offer turnkey solar panel installations using Zep mounting hardware. Call us at 855-669-4387 or fill out the quick get started form to learn more.

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