MOXIE, America’s Solar Company, Announces Military Discount Program

UPDATE: This was a limited time program that was very successful and we are proud of the military families we were able to serve, however the Watts for Warriors program has ended. We still offer our normal 10% discount for all active duty and veteran military members.


Watts for Warriors provides veterans and active-duty military families with near at-cost solar installations & $1,000 care package

This month, MOXIE, an award-winning solar panel installation company, is proud to announce what is likely the nation’s best military discount for residential solar panel installation.

Watts for Warriors provides near at-cost residential solar energy and battery storage solutions for active and retired members of the armed forces and reserves across all of MOXIE’s service areas. In addition, the program provides an instant $1,000 upon signing. Families can use the cash back for immediate needs (like groceries) or applied to additional savings on the already-discounted solar panel system.

The MOXIE Mission

According to MOXIE CEO, Jason Hall, this military discount solar program aligns perfectly with the company’s persona of being “America’s Solar Company” and with its mission of “leading the change to a more sustainable world.”

“The brave men and women that serve our country are used to being the ones leading us towards a brighter tomorrow. Watts for Warriors is our small way of showing respect and gratitude for their sacrifice. By offering them and their families a steep discount on solar panel installation, we’re able to help them save money and also equip them with a tool that will lead America towards a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

For active and retired members of the U.S. military and reserves, the Watts for Warriors Program is the icing on the cake for home solar installation savings. Those who take advantage of the program can also enjoy the tremendous savings found in current solar incentives including tax credits, net metering, renewable energy credits, and additional utility-based rebates (depending on the state they reside in). They can potentially save on energy costs over the lifetime of their solar panels.

These military heroes have bravely defended our country, now it’s our turn to help them defend their wallets by doing what we do best – helping Americans save money with solar installations.”

– Travis Eichelberger, MOXIE VP of Sales

Call about MOXIE’s military solar discount!

Want to take advantage of the Watts for Warriors program? Just give us a call at 855-669-4387 or fill out our quick get started form.

MOXIE’s Watts for Warriors solar panel savings program comes on the heels of our EMPOWERMED Program, which focused on supporting our nation’s heroic healthcare workers and first responders.

In 2020, over 300 American healthcare workers installed a home solar energy system with EMPOWERMED significant savings. [UPDATE: The EMPOWERMED program transitioned into Watts for Warriors military solar discount.]

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