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Uplifting Stories on the Early Impact of EMPOWERMED

Healthcare Workers are Going Solar & Saving Big with MOXIE.

Just over two weeks ago, MOXIE and a coalition of sponsor businesses showed support for our heroic healthcare workers by announcing the EMPOWERMED Program. Since then, the response and appreciation has been overwhelmingly positive and heartwarming.

EMPOWERMED for solar

From Iowa and Illinois to Texas, the EMPOWERMED Program has already helped families in the healthcare industry secure at-cost solar installations and an immediate cash payment of $1,000.

Today, we want to take a step back from talking about solar and simply share a few of the uplifting stories from healthcare workers who have found support from EMPOWERMED.

[UPDATE: Read the latest stories from the EMPOWERMED solar program.]

Kathy, the Urgent Care Clinic Worker in Iowa

Kathy works two jobs, at both an urgent care clinic AND a medical transcription company. But she’s actually had her work hours cut due to the changes. Meanwhile her husband is a truck driver who’s helping keep our stores stocked. What a heroic duo! Kathy’s family is going to use the $1,000 support package as immediate support to help compensate for the lost wages. She’ll be getting an 11.85 kW rooftop home solar energy system that will include 30 Q-Cell solar panels.

Amy, the X-Ray Technician in Illinois

Amy is a dedicated x-ray technician with 25 years experience! When she heard about the EMPOWERMED program, she couldn’t believe it. She said “this is the first benefit she’s had for working in the hospital for 25 years.” Talk about long overdue! Amy will use the $1,000 support package towards the discounted cost of her new 10.78. kW home solar system with 28 AXITEC solar panels.

Melina, the ICU Nurse in Texas

Melina is a nurse on the ICU stepdown heart floor at a major hospital in Waco. She’s looking forward to using the $1,000 support to cover immediate needs like groceries and paying bill. She’ll get a solid 7.13 kW home solar energy system with 23 S-Energy panels.

Maggie, the ER Nurse in Illinois

Maggies is a nurse practitioner in a large emergency room unit. She’s been working non-stop during these troubling times and we know her dedication is doing a lot of good for people in Illinois. Maggie is using the $1,000 for immediate needs like groceries and bills. She’ll be getting a 13.2 kW solar system with 33 AXITEC modules.

Madonna, the Traveling Nurse

Madonna is a dedicated traveling nurse who was initially helping fight COVID-19 in the Bay Area and has since worked her way back home to Eastern Iowa. She’s looking forward to going green and saving money on energy bills with her new 11 kW rooftop solar system that includes 28 Q-Cell panels.

Missy, the CNA in Iowa

Missy works in a short-handed long-term care facility as a bath aide to vulnerable elderly patients. Thankfully, there haven’t been any positive cases yet, but Missy has seen her workload triple due to coworkers needing to stay home in quarantine. Anyone with an elderly family member should be appreciative of the work Missy is doing! We’re excited to help her family with the immediate $1,000 of support. They’re benefitting from a solid 12 kW solar energy system with 30 AXITEC modules.

Dawn, the ER Nurse in Texas

Dawn is a registered nurse in a large Texas emergency room. Meanwhile, her husband Jason is a decorated combat veteran who earned a Purple Heart. MOXIE couldn’t be more honored to be the solar installer that hooks this heroic couple up with a nice 16 kW solar energy system that’ll help them save money on energy for years to come. In all, there will be 40 Q-Cell panels in their array. The couple is already enjoying the support of their $1,000 support package.

If you know any healthcare workers, or are a healthcare worker yourself, please consider helping us spread the message of EMPOWERMED so we can continue to support these workers! Please share our posts on social media or simply send this link to a deserving healthcare worker.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep it renewable!

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