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MOXIE Empowers Iowa Healthcare Workers with Solar

Necessity is the mother of innovation. MOXIE created a new one-of-a-kind program, EMPOWERMED, that empowers healthcare workers to take care of life’s necessary tasks.

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Developed through a partnership of local businesses, including MOXIE, GreenState Credit Union, New Pioneer Co-op, Crescent Electric, and Relion Insurance Solutions, the EMPOWERMED Program provides healthcare workers with significantly discounted solar energy systems (at or near MOXIE’s cost) and an immediate $1,000 for grocery delivery, childcare, house cleaning, or anything else they may need.

Like many, MOXIE CEO Jason Hall heard the disheartening stories of healthcare workers in Eastern Iowa. That was the initial impetus to empower healthcare workers with EMPOWERMED.

EMPOWERMED for Healthcare Workers

“Through all the commotion, there are constant reminders of how much burden is on our healthcare workers” says Hall.”I can’t imagine how they can find time to do the necessary but tiresome tasks. Like buy groceries or clean their house, when they’re also on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19.”

empowermed for healthcare workers
Jason Hall, MOXIE CEO

On top of grocery shopping and home cleaning, childcare is also proving to be a challenge for healthcare workers. While certain daycares are staying open to help the necessary employees stay at work, the cost of daycare has never been cheap, and an increase in work hours for healthcare professionals often means an increase in daycare costs.

EMPOWERMED will provide at-or-near-cost solar installations for healthcare workers in the Eastern Iowa Area,” Julian Vandervelde, MOXIE Quad Cities Area President explained. “Many times, in literally the first month, they will see a significant decrease in their monthly bills. After this is all over, they will have a solid investment for a fraction of the cost.”

To alleviate the most immediate burden on healthcare workers, the EMPOWERMED Program provides an instant $1,000 of support upon signing. The $1,000 can be used for anything the healthcare worker may need.

By partnering with local companies and putting cash in the hands of our heroic healthcare workers, MOXIE hopes EMPOWERMED will serve a dual-purpose: helping healthcare workers make ends meet, and keeping local Iowans employed, engaged, and valued during this time of crisis.

The EMPOWERMED Program has transitioned to Watts for Warriors.
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“The power of this coalition is stronger than its parts,’ says Hall, ‘When we approached these other local companies, GreenState, New Pioneer, Crescent, and Relion, they all jumped at the chance to do good for the healthcare providers in Eastern Iowa. It says a lot about them, and I know that together we can deliver a service offering that has never been experienced in Eastern Iowa, during a time when it is needed most.”

For more information on this program please call (855) 669-4387.

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