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Protect Yourself from Power Outages with Solar Battery Backup

When you look at the upfront cost of a battery backup versus a gas generator, it’s easy to compare price point. But if the power went out in your home today, what would you do? No lights, no internet, no TV, no freezer, and no way to charge your phone. Even opening your garage door becomes a challenge! And that expensive security system you have? Well, let’s just say it won’t be catching those pesky porch pirates anytime soon. After all that, the cost of a Tesla Powerwall 2 pales in comparison to the sense of security the solar battery backup brings. Solar panel cost and installation determine the difference between “keeping the lights on” or burning candles at night.

Losing access to usable energy is a situation no one wants to think about, but one that happens quickly and without warning. These days, losing power in your home is more than just an annoying inconvenience – it’s something that can cause immediate loss of connection, productivity, money, and even safety for you and your family.

Luckily, there’s a way to put the power in your hands and prevent this from ever happening. By adding battery backups to your new or existing solar power system, you can protect your family from sudden power outages and ensure the lights stay on.

Take The Power Back

In a recent blog post, we shared how grid-tie systems connect to the main utility grid. Solar panels feed electricity to this grid, and the utility credits your energy account for the excess power you generate. Then, you can draw on that power whenever you need it. This commonly happens at night, when the panels aren’t actively producing energy from the sun.

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Installing a solar battery backup system for power around the clock

But when the grid shuts down, your ability to access this energy also shuts down as a safety measure. The solution? A grid-tied solar system with lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. Solar batteries offer emergency backup power when the grid goes down. During an outage, the batteries take over as a backup power source and ensure that your most important energy needs are still met. This gives you incredible peace of mind in what would otherwise be a dark and uncertain situation.

And battery efficiency has improved. According to a recent price index from Bloomberg in lithium-ion batteries, “the current weighted-average price for lithium-ion storage batteries is $l37 per kilowatt-hour. That’s down from nearly $l,200 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, a price drop of nearly 90% in about l0 years.”

Solar panels, including bi-face, have similarly improved.

Saving Money with Smart Solar Battery Storage

In addition to providing an emergency power source, batteries allow you to save additional money on your energy bill.

Energy storage batteries, like Tesla Powerwall or Generac Pwrcell, empower you to store clean solar energy. Then you use it during peak periods.

Panels generate energy during the day when the sun is out. But most utilities charge higher rates during peak usage periods (typically around 5-10pm, when people are home from work and school).

By ensuring you have usable energy stored in a solar battery backup, the power is in your hands.

Whether it’s saving money on any given night or saving your family from an emergency power outage, solar battery storage is a smart investment for all homeowners.

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