Even on the Cloudiest Days, the Sun Will Come Out Again

We know that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is top of mind for most of you, just as it is for all of us here at MOXIE. It’s an unsettling time for everyone and our hearts go out to those impacted.

Still, we at MOXIE remain steadfast in our mission to “obsessively lead the change to a sustainable world” and have carefully developed ways to continue providing solar energy solutions, minimize any potential health risks, and even directly contribute to the wellbeing of those who need it most.

You can be a part of it too.

How MOXIE is Working to Protect You and Others

Across all Moxie Solar locations, our team is taking measures to ensure safety for ourselves, our customers, and those most impacted by Coronavirus.

First, we are reminding all our employees to take appropriate preventive hygiene methods to minimize the potential risk of infection, and continually sanitizing our workspaces.

virtual solar sales consultant

Next, we are providing you with the option for virtual solar consultations so you can understand all the benefits of going solar and how your system will save you money, without any in-person interaction. Essentially the entire process of going solar can be completed through video chat or phone call.

In an effort to support those most affected, we have committed to donating $500 to Meals on Wheels for every new MOXIE customer that signs on this week.

meals on wheel logo

Meals on Wheels serves an incredibly vulnerable population and is often the primary lifeline delivering so much more than just a meal, especially in uncertain times.

Prepare yourself for future sunshine and savings, while helping to clear the clouds for our Nation’s senior citizens.

6 Things That Will Never Change

Although there are rapidly changing developments and plenty of uncertainty to be felt, some things will never change.

  1. You and your family will still always need a dependable energy source for your home or business

  2. The sun will still continue to shine (especially over the next few months) and provide those who have solar with clean, renewable energy

  3. MOXIE’s experts will still be installing the highest-quality solar panel systems and providing you with a stable return on your investment

  4. You can still put a stop to rising energy costs by firing your electric company and investing in your own source of renewable energy

  5. You can still maximize your energy independence and get peace of mind on energy availability with solar battery storage

  6. Our planet’s health still greatly depends on the expansion of renewable energy

What’s Ahead?

Note that we are not experiencing any delays or price increases in our solar system install jobs and will continue to be your best source for renewable solar energy education and installation, now and forever.

Our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by this virus and all the medical professionals working tirelessly to beat it.

Remember that even on the cloudiest days, the sun will come out again. Together we can come out of this stronger, smarter, and more prepared for the sunny future ahead.

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