MOXIE Moves Into Manufacturing

In an effort to continue providing our customers with the highest quality solar panels, which are affordable and utilize the most efficient energy production capacity, Moxie Solar announced its plans to manufacture its own panels starting in 2020. 

This new business unit will produce up to 100MW of solar panels each year.  Jason Hall, Founder and CEO stated, “We want our customers to be able to buy an American made product from an American owned company.” Moxie named Mark Nolte President of Manufacturing to lead the creation of this new factory.  Stay tuned for more updates as this vision becomes a reality.

From the Press-Citizen

Moxie Solar announced to the Press-Citizen that it is looking to build a $10 million solar manufacturing facility, at a location to-be-determined. Once at full capacity, Hall said  multiple manufacturing lines will employ approximately 150 people.

“The first manufacturing line won’t require 150 people. It would probably be closer to 50, but we want to have multiple lines doing multiple types of products,” Hall said. “Meanwhile the demand for solar to be installed will continue to proliferate in the future.” 


From Iowa City Area Development

“Leaving ICAD was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but I know the organization is in a great place. The ICAD team and our Board of Directors are amazing, and I have no doubt that they will continue the momentum to make sure that none of the progress we are making slows down,” said Nolte. “The last 13 years have been an incredible experience, and I am very proud and honored to have served the area in this role and am excited to be helping create more new jobs in this new opportunity with Moxie Solar”


From Corridor Business

 After more than a decade of successfully driving local economic development, helping to keep companies like ACT in the region, and connecting startups and next-stage companies to capital, Mr. Nolte has joined North Liberty-based Moxie, where he is serving as president of the company’s new manufacturing enterprise – a venture that will make Moxie one of just a handful of companies assembling solar panels in the U.S.


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