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12 Reasons Why You Should Drive An EV

Interest in electric cars is growing. What was once an ambitious idea has expanded into a viable transportation method. The EV trend shows no signs of tapering off.

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In its 2018 Global EV Outlook report, the International Energy Agency predicted that the number of electric vehicles on the road will rise to 125 million by 2030. They also estimated that the total count could rise as high as 220 million if efforts continue to meet climate and sustainability goals.

Today’s EVs are reliable and affordable. Manufacturers continue to develop improved technology that makes owning an electric car more realistic for the average person. Along with a smaller carbon footprint, families can also save money on fuel and repair costs. Why should your next car be electric?

  • EVs Are Fun to Drive

Electric models are fun to drive thanks to their increased torque and instant acceleration. They are quicker to reach higher speeds compared to gas-powered vehicles. They may not achieve the highest speeds of other cars, but they will reach top speeds faster, which in some cases is more important.

  • Easier to Merge in Traffic

Faster acceleration also makes electric vehicles easier to merge into traffic. You can get up to speed sooner, which lowers stress when driving in busy areas. Glide smoothly onto bustling highways or roundabouts without struggling to keep up with the flow of traffic.

  • Reduce Air Pollution and Emissions

Reduce your emissions and enjoy cleaner air with electric vehicles. Electricity uses a battery to operate. If you drive an all-electric vehicle, then you will produce zero direct emissions. This is especially important in urban areas where more cars operate in a smaller space. The air also stays cleaner with less smog and pollution.

  • Less Exposure to Harmful Gases

Did you know that driving an electric vehicle is better for your health? They reduce exposure to harmful exhaust gases like sulfur oxides and lead. These and other pollutants produced by fuel-powered cars can cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory complications and lung cancer.

  • Electric is Quiet

One of the first things you will notice when you get behind the wheel of an electric car is the sound or the lack of it. Unlike noisy combustion engines, these vehicles are very quiet. You can reduce noise pollution in your neighborhood and enjoy a calmer, more relaxing ride. It’s a benefit for you and your neighbors!

  • Pay Less to Power Your Vehicle

Buying an electric vehicle is an investment, but it is one that starts paying off right away. You can save a lot of money when you don’t have to pay high fuel prices. Electric engines have fewer moving parts than combustion models, which reduces the number of service calls you have to make to your mechanic.

  • Freedom from Oil Price Changes

Not only is electricity cheaper to buy, but it also frees you from the whims of the oil market. A group of countries heavily influences oil prices. Price hikes happen often and can make driving very expensive.

Electricity isn’t free, but production and transport costs are much cheaper compared to oil. You can feel secure knowing that you won’t be as affected if forced shortages happen as they did back in the 1970s.

  • Power Your Car with Sustainable Energy

If you drive electric, then you can power your car with sustainable energy. Green power sources are becoming more common around the country. Many businesses, communities, and families are joining MOXIE in the solar movement. When you switch, you can power your home and your vehicle with sustainable energy.

  • Luxury Driving at a Lower Price

Electric car drivers are treated to a luxury driving experience without the high-end price tag. Electric models receive customer satisfaction ratings that are just as high as or higher than those of expensive luxury cars.

The Tesla Model S ranks as the highest evaluated car by Consumer Reports, with 98% of respondents stating that they would buy the car again. That rating puts it ahead of all other hybrid, plug-in, and conventional models by more than 10%.

  • More EVs Are Available

There are more electric vehicle models available now than ever before. People who prefer a smaller car can check out the two-door Chevy Spark, which can reach 89 mph. The Ford Fusion can reach 155 mph and offers a sleek style with more legroom. Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV is a hybrid with 4×4 capability. Many others are available at Verv Electric Vehicles.

  • Go Green Without Giving Up Travel

You can live greener and travel to your favorite places. Electric technology comes in all sizes, from full plug-in models to hybrids. There is an electric vehicle out there that can handle the distance you need to travel. Tell Verv about your driving needs, and we’ll show you a car that will get you there.

  • Lower Long-Term Car Maintenance Costs

Did you know that electric cars have fewer moving parts? Electrical systems usually require minimal maintenance. Models with regenerative braking can lower long-term maintenance costs because they tend to last longer than conventional systems. Fewer fluids are needed, as well. Research specific models to find out which areas may need maintenance over the life of the vehicle.

Take the first step by learning more about electric car models. Many include luxury features and impressive performance to match any lifestyle.

Visit Verv Auto now and use our Perfect Match system to find out which electric vehicles will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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