MOXIE Makes Top Solar Contractors List in 2019

The MOXIE team works hard to bring families and businesses throughout America the complete solar solutions they need. We know what it takes to be the best in the industry. That’s why we strive to provide top-notch customer support and service that cuts through the red tape. We work with high-quality products and stay on top of recent technological developments.

Seeing our hard work pay off is satisfying, but it’s even better when others take notice. We are thankful to have been included in this year’s Top Solar Contractors List published by Solar Power World (SPW). SPW is the leading resource for news and information in solar technology and installation.

MOXIE By the Numbers

Every day is a new opportunity to expand the reach of solar energy. The financial and environmental benefits are well-worth the effort. We have installed over 10,850 KW since we started, with 4,998 KW installed in 2018 alone.

MOXIE is Iowa’s largest solar installer. We didn’t stop there, though. We want people all over the United States to discover the potential of sustainable solar power. This was our first year operating in Illinois, and it was a successful one. We are the fourth largest installer in the state – a status that was achieved in under 12 months.

We hold 146th place across the country. That ranking compares us to similar installers as well as those who do not offer the full installation services that we do. If you want the complete package, MOXIE is your go-to team.

MOXIE Residential Solar Installations

The MOXIE team is available for any type of solar installation, including residential. We are the nation’s 40th largest residential solar installer. That really says something when over 10,000 competitors are doing what we do, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. That puts us within the top 1% of all residential installers currently operating in the U.S.

Our process has everything covered from early planning through construction. First, we evaluate the property, then our MOXIE Design Engineers use this information to create a technical plan that’s custom made for your solar installation.

Next, our Operations team secures the necessary permits and obtains the materials needed to get the job done. We ask for your final approval before moving on to the construction stage. Once everything is ready, we get started with the hands-on installation. Our team moves efficiently and with safety in mind. We complete the job with the highest standards, so you get a reliable finished product that will generate renewable energy for years.

We welcome our residential customers to get in touch if they ever have questions about their solar array or a new installation.

How Did MOXIE Get Here?

Our “Top Solar Contractor” ranking continues to rise while our customer base expands into new markets. This kind of growth doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without a tremendous amount of effort, knowledge, and commitment.

We are in this industry for the long haul. Our look may have evolved, but our dedication and ethics have stayed the same. We are constantly searching for perfection in every aspect of our business. This allows us to continue to improve and ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.

Our professionals don’t just come to your location and put up some solar panels. We discuss your needs and expectations. We learn about your goals and any concerns or challenges that could impact your installation. Our experts will assess your property and come up with a strategy that will allow you to get the most out of your solar investment.

We are there for you every step of the way. Our team knows how to approach all types of installations, including those intended for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications.

We have locations in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas, which places us near all over the country. We’re available to help you learn more about solar energy, solar installations, and it’s long-term benefits.

A Bright Future with Solar Power and MOXIE

We believe that the future is brighter with solar power. We will continue to push for perfection in everything we do. Our solar arrays include a 25-year warranty and our 5-star guarantee.

These are a few of the many reasons we have earned over 150 awards. The list includes a Better Business Bureau Torch Award Honorable Mention, 2018 Gazette Business Award, 2016 Fastest Growing Company Award from Corridor Business Journal, and now recognized as part of the SPW 2019 Top Solar Contractors List.

Top Solar Contractor
We also ranked in 2020!

We are proud of how far we have come, but we know that we can do more. That’s why we look forward to discovering what 2020 will bring. We hope you’ll join MOXIE on our journey by letting us show you what an award-winning solar energy installer can do for your home or business.

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