We Have a New Identity with the Same Commitment to Customers

For over a decade, MOXIE Solar has helped communities in Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas move toward energy independence. We started small and expanded to become a national leader. This gave us the opportunities that allowed us to grow the MOXIE name. As a company that serves not just one community but many across America, we decided it was time to update our image and own our place as America’s Solar Company.

Our previous identity was effective but subtle. We needed something that reflected our unwavering commitment to customers and country. After months of research, thought, and self-reflection, we are excited to unveil our new branding as MOXIE.

New MOXIE Name + New MOXIE Look

While we still work with solar panels, the word “solar” was dropped from our company name. We aren’t changing industries, but we want to present our service as accurately as possible.

CEO Jason Hall explained that a naming evolution was needed: “We wanted to preserve the force of character, determination, and nerve of the name MOXIE. We also found a need to concentrate the focus on that expression of MOXIE and all the meaning that comes with it, without the word ‘solar’ being a distraction.”

MOXIE name change

Superheroes Harnessing Sun Power

Before we made the decision to change the MOXIE name, we thought about who we are and what we do.

Our team consists of amazing, dedicated people who help change lives, one install at a time. This job isn’t for the faint of heart.

Hall compared solar installation to other trades, like electrical work. Electricians working in a 90-unit apartment building will do the same thing over again installing the same cookie cutter light fixtures in each unit.

Solar is different. Our installers have to problem solve and be ready to adapt.

“With our guys, they design and build snowflakes. And what I mean by snowflakes is that no two solar systems are ever the same. And our guys have to be extremely flexible and adaptable to what conditions they are coming into today.”

Hall also praised the strength and reliability of our team, which makes all the difference to our customers.

“They are disciplined. We see these guys work, we’ve asked them at certain times within this last twelve months to work 90, 100 hours in a single week. When you think about 100 hours in a single week, that’s two and a half times the typical work week,” he said.

These people are true heroes. They go above and beyond and settle for no less than a job well done. And they do it all with the customer in mind, as Hall explained: “These are genuinely good people. If you talk to any one of them, they genuinely care about their customers, they care about what they do, they care about this company, and they care about the solar that they install. They’re just good people.”

“When you go through that list of the circumstances that they work in and the traits that they possess, that makes them heroes in my book.”

And now our team will look like heroes every day they put on their uniforms and get in their trucks. The superhero concept serves as the inspiration behind the new branding and MOXIE’s name.

Designing MOXIE’s New Trucks

Along with our name and uniforms, our trucks are also getting a powerful overhaul. You’ll know who we are when you see our team driving through your neighborhood. These aren’t just work trucks – these are vehicles fit for superheroes as Jason describes.

“When we designed these trucks and the logo gear, we designed trucks that an action hero would drive and uniforms action heroes would wear because, to me, these guys are action heroes. And if I don’t make them feel like heroes, I’m not doing my job.”

The new look includes a yellow front that represents the sun, which is a significant part of what we do. We are always driving towards it, helping people utilize its renewable energy for a better, brighter future.

A Patriotic Company for Every American

The flag is also featured in our new design along with our new tagline, “America’s Solar Company.” During times of strife and uncertainty in our country, these changes were no accident.

Just like our fellow Americans, we see the political climate of the day. Hall acknowledged that the symbolism of the flag might be viewed as aggressive or controversial. But he explained the decision as a change born out of hope for a positive, unified future.

“In this time of political views being polarized, during this time when the flag is desecrated, and burned, and knelt to during national anthems, it takes this company, it takes a company that all sides are ok with. We are the company that’s pretty difficult to hate regardless of your beliefs.”

“We are the logical choice to help make the flag cool again so that it represents everybody, not just special interests. A company that citizens of this nation would be proud of waving the flag and reminding people to be proud of this country.”

The new tagline furthers that sentiment. MOXIE is a company that our nation can be proud of, and as Jason stated, “a company that has no political agenda other than to benefit all people whether they are customers or not.”

We live in a time of extremes right now, specifically when it comes to entitlement. One side believes they are entitled to something just for existing. The other side feels that they are entitled never to help others with anything for any reason.

“The MOXIE work ethic and culture directly conflicts with the entitled nature of all sides. We know nothing is given. It always has to be earned. If we want to be number one, we need to earn it. If we want to stay number one, we need to continue to earn it every day. Maybe if more people worked hard and earned what they got, and took a couple steps toward the middle, we could start working as a cohesive country again.”

MOXIE Name Change Represents Hall’s Vision and Hope

Hall’s vision of MOXIE is an example of how Americans can achieve their goals through hard work, understanding, and consideration of others.

Our rebrand is more than a new coat of paint. The new MOXIE name is representative of who we are and how we hope to change our country for the better. And the only way we can do that is to show others that anything is possible with hard work, strong ethics, and a desire to help.

“If MOXIE has the ability to lead by example, then I believe we have the responsibility to.”

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