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From the Corridor Business Journal: “MOXIE: America’s Solar Company” was the new brand and tagline introduced April 11 at MOXIE’s Dixon, Illinois operations center.

CEO Jason Hall said the company has been growing fast, and some things had to change.

“We’re now in Denver, Austin, Cleveland, Chicago,” Mr. Hall said. “It was our opinion that our [previous] logo wasn’t going to play as well in those markets. We kind of look like the local solar installer. We want to be seen as a national provider.”

Mr. Hall founded the company in North Liberty in 2008. In its original iteration as Greenhall Industries, the business helped Iowans become more energy efficient with services such as lighting upgrades that could be funded partly through utility rebates. When Iowa approved a solar income tax credit in 2012 to supplement a federal program, the business case for solar arrays became more appealing, and Greenhall Industries became MOXIE, a solar power contractor.

solar company
Jason Hall

MOXIE promoted its customer service philosophy in the phrase, “the solar experience,” and did everything it could to take the trouble out of the process for consumers, including things like securing permits and capturing government incentives.

It took MOXIE three years to get traction in some of its early markets. But in 2015, MOXIE was named the CBJ’s Fastest Growing Company, with a revenue increase of 536 percent from 2013-2015. It has since notched a second-place and a third-place finish in the annual competition, even though it gets harder to win on percentage gain as the company’s base revenue grows.

MOXIE opened a new Illinois headquarters and distribution facility in downtown Dixon in April 2018, announcing plans to employ 50 within 36 months.

Illinois is the largest state market for MOXIE and the company added locations in Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Colorado and Iowa, for a total of 10 offices. Its staff of 80 is growing at about two members per week, and will reach 100 in June.

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