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Moxie Named Best Residential Solar Contractors in Iowa by GC Magazine

General Contractors (GC) Magazine list of the Best Residential Solar Contractors named MOXIE Solar as #1 in Iowa! A company with a mission to lead the change to a sustainable world. MOXIE is a tested photovoltaic installation firm that strives to offer the best solar service for several American states. MOXIE works to ensure that every client’s experience for solar is continuously beneficial, both economically and environmentally. The firm employs the best professionals for the job at an affordable price tag. NABCEP certified installers are quick and efficient, and they don’t shy away from helping clients understand solar technology better.

best residential solar contractors in Iowa

Two decades ago, residential solar was not a viable energy solution for the majority of Americans. Today, the outlook is much brighter for solar. It’s become one of the cheapest sources of energy. This meteoric growth is largely attributable to the establishment of the 30% Federal Tax Credit in 2006. Coupled with dramatic decreases in both the cost of production of photovoltaics and the cost of installation.

While new solar installations peaked in 2016, the industry continues to show strong growth. In 2017, solar employed more Americans than oil, coal, and gas combined. National behemoths SolarCity and Vivint account for a large chunk of new solar installations, but the majority of residential power systems rely on local contractors and installation partners. We compiled a list of the best solar contractors in every state based on work history, customer satisfaction, and experience…”


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