MOXIE Becomes An Authorized Panasonic Solar Installer

You need a combination of expert solar installers and quality equipment to get the most out of your system. MOXIE is proud to announce that we are now an authorized Panasonic solar installer! For our customers, that means a great opportunity to go green with one of the sustainable industry’s top brands.

Why Panasonic Solar Panels?

Panasonic is one of the most highly-sought manufacturers in the business. Their products offer high module efficiency, coming in at just over 20% while most panels fall into the 15% to 17% range. What do you need to know about Panasonic’s solar panels?

Panasonic solar installer

Panasonic and MOXIE Keep You Informed

Panasonic provides a wealth of information on their website. If you need a new solar system or plan to update an existing system, this is a great place to start. Along with Panasonic’s online resources, MOXIE is available to answer questions and help you choose a product that is right based on your energy needs and budget.

Industry-Leading Coefficient Design

Conventional solar panels tend to weaken as the temperature rises throughout the day. Panasonic’s products feature a high-performance design with a coefficient of -0.258%/C. That means you get optimum efficiency, even as the temperature goes up.

Pyramid Structure Maximizes Absorption

Panasonic uses a pyramid structure to maximize sunlight absorption. This layout reduces outward reflection while directing rays toward the cell. More light translates to more power available to your home or business.

Smart Water Drainage System Prevents Stains

Water stains can lower solar panel efficiency. Panasonic panels include a smart water drainage system that prevents pooling and water stains. Your panels continue working, even after rain or damp weather.

25-Year TripleGuard System Warranty

Panasonic backs its solar systems with a TripleGuard warranty. Your investment is protected for 25 years by a company that’s been in the business for decades. Panasonic was founded over a century ago, has invested 43 years into solar power R&D. The company holds over 200 solar patents.

How Can We Help You Live Sustainably?

Being an authorized Panasonic solar installer gives us access to numerous resources and training. Our team already consists of sustainable energy experts. Earning authorized contractor status allows us to become experts on Panasonic’s products and future updates. We’ll know when new developments and features are released. We’re in a unique position to help customers find the right system. We offer the highest performance based on the most recent technology.

Let us help you live and work sustainably starting with solar power. Our experts are available to discuss your needs and help you find the best solution within your budget.

Contact MOXIE today to learn more about Panasonic and other high-performance panel brands.

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