Moxie Ranked as a Top Solar Contractor

Solar Power World, the leading solar publication covering technology, development and installation, publishes the Top Solar Contractors list annually. The list includes hundreds of solar contractors and developers in the United States, listed and categorized by state/territory, service and market.

The list includes solar PV companies that provide the following services: EPC contracting, development, construction/installation, electrical work and/or rooftop-specific installations. Companies can do work in any market segment, including utility, commercial, residential and off-grid.

All Top Solar Contractor companies on the list are headquartered in the United States.

Companies choose their primary market and primary service. That does not mean they only work in these areas. They can work across all markets and all services, and their listed kilowatts reflect their cumulative installation numbers from the last year in all markets, services and states.


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top solar contractor

MOXIE’s rank has risen since breaking onto the list. In 2017, MOXIE ranked #192. By 2018, we climbed to #146.

What’s in store for the next SPW rank? Stay tuned!

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