Illinois Home Solar – Best Deal in the Nation

In June 2017, the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), passed in Illinois. FEJA frees up hundreds of millions of dollars for solar. Here’s the great thing: 25% of those dollars are reserved for homeowners, on a first come, first serve basis! MOXIE is working to deliver those benefits along with a full service solar installation to homeowners throughout the state. ComEd and Ameren customers are both included in this program.

Solar in Chicago and the surrounding areas provides the Illinois homeowner with immense benefits. Homeowners can pay the system back in 6 to 10 years depending on their roof structure (ROI of 10%+), and add value to their home. Additionally, they can offset thousands of pounds of CO2, equivalent to taking 10+ cars off the road for one year in carbon reduction.

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MOXIE Illinois is glad to provide in-depth solar analyses for residential homeowners. With offices in the Quad Cities, Dixon, Chicago, and Peoria, MOXIE can reach any homeowner in the state within two days for a free quote.

Once homeowners sign up, they go through the customized Moxie Solar Experience. This includes contact with 10+ friendly and helpful MOXIE employees, freeing up your time for your family and friends and ensuring a smooth installation. Contact MOXIE Solar today at 855-669-4387 (855-MOXIE-UP) to schedule an appointment today.

illinois home solar installer

Learn more about Illinois home solar incentives and rebates.

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