Raising Money For Cancer Survivorship

The 2018 Red Shamrock Foundation Trail Challenge is now over. The Moxie team showed up in force to tell cancer to take a hike. Moxie Solar not only helped make it a successful event but also helped raise money for cancer survivorship.

After making a recovery from cancer there are a myriad of issues people have to deal with. By raising money from events like the trail challenge the RSF is able to make patients post-cancer lives better. Moxie Solar is a proud supporter of the RSF and the Trail Challenge series. Red Shamrock Foundation supports pediatric cancer survivors in a variety of different ways.

Be sure to visit the RSF site to find out how you can help out!

Moxie Solar RSF Trail Challenge Solar Power Solar Energy

Moxie Solar Midwest Solar Power Energy Solutions


Moxie Solar Solar Power Energy Solutions Midwest Iowa

Moxie Solar Midwest Energy Solutions

Moxie Solar Energy Solutions

Moxie Solar Energy Power Solutions

Moxie Solar Midwest Energy Solutions

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