Moxie Solar meets with State Representative Art Staed

Today CEO Jenn Hall and President Jason Hall met with a State Representative from Iowa House District 66 in Cedar Rapids. Art Staed stopped by Moxie Solar to talk about the future of solar energy in Iowa.

Art had this to say:
The Halls are concerned about current policy and budget legislation that would remove solar tax credits and other energy-saving incentives while placing barriers on grid connection, including flat monthly rates. Moxie Solar’s request, “We just need things to remain ‘status quo’.” 

I agree with the Halls, and not just because solar is better for the environment than fossil fuels – which it certainly is – but it’s fiscally sound. Economically, Iowa can’t afford to risk losing hundreds of good-paying solar energy jobs. Solar energy tax credits pay for themselves in payroll taxes alone.

Moxie Solar Meeting With Art Staed


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