Going totally solar — a business decision

MOXIE Solar employees continue to install the hundreds of solar panels needed to operate Millennium Surfaces granite facility. The Ottumwa Courier was kind enough to write a great article detailing the process. Click the link at the bottom of the page to check out the full article. Make sure to check out MOXIE Solar for all of your residential, commercial and agricultural power needs! And especially if your business is going solar.

Brian Brown is taking control of his business. Not what goes on inside — he’s already got that. But 300 solar panels added to his roof make utility company rate hikes irrelevant.

“Two weeks after I decided to go solar, Alliant announced its 10 percent rate hike. I didn’t even care,” said Brown, who owns Millennium Surfaces in Ottumwa.

The announcement validated his decision to take his company to a completely solar-powered state.

 “I like to have control of my business, at least over those things I can control,” he said Thursday. “One hundred percent of the water Millennium uses is recycled — and has been for about 10 years.”

While material and labor are a big part of doing business, there’s typically “overhead” as well: mortgage or rent, insurance requirements, heat or electric bills.


business going solar

Talk to a solar expert at MOXIE if your business is going solar!

Add battery power to ensure the lights stay on when the power (grid) goes out.

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