Not All Lightbulbs Are Created Equal

Not All Lightbulbs Are Created Equal

Our Davenport, Cedar Rapids & North Liberty, IA, electricians know best for your property

Want information on how to reduce your energy consumption even further? Get a free LED lightbulb and lighting assessment from Moxie Solar.

We started in 2008 as an energy efficiency consulting company and can perform assessments on almost any property, including:

  • Farms
  • Parking lots
  • Commercial buildings
  • Homes

During your energy assessment, our skilled electricians will determine which fixtures can be retrofitted and which must be replaced. Ready to start reducing your carbon footprint? Call Moxie Solar in at 855-669-4387 today for a consultation.

Have a system that fits your farm, home or business

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we know every residential, commercial and agricultural property has different lighting needs. We get detailed information about your space, so we know which bulbs can handle the conditions in each building.

When you want to put even more money in your pocket, turn to Moxie Solar in Cedar Rapids, Davenport & North Liberty, IA, for a free lighting assessment.