Decrease the Energy Dependency of Your Iowa Farm

Decrease the Energy Dependency of Your Iowa Farm

Turn to Moxie Solar for design and installation help in Iowa

Join the countless residents throughout Davenport, Cedar Rapids and North Liberty, IA who are benefiting from solar energy with services from Moxie Solar. You’ll make your farm more sustainable and profitable once you call our crew for solar panel design and installation.

With solar panels form Moxie Solar, you’ll:

  • Reduce your dependency on utility companies
  • Protect your farm from rising energy costs
  • Decrease your carbon footprint

Trust our solar energy specialists to plan the perfect design for your farm – call 855-669-4387 now.

Our products hold up against the competition

Whether you want a roof-mounted system or one that’s on the ground, you won’t regret choosing Moxie Solar for installation. We use a unique solution that fixes the panel in place at the best angle. Our panels withstand the elements and last longer than our competition’s, and our crew offers unmatched customer care.

Keep your farm operating smoothly all year long with solar panel installation services from Moxie Solar.